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The Ship: Full Steam Ahead
jtsnowboy Jan 10, 2013 @ 9:07am
Use the old for the new???
Here is my idea. Why rely on concept art (Not saying its not good, because it is.) to capture the imagination of people who would be interested in "Full Steam Ahead" I think selling "The Ship: Murder Party" as it is now is a complete rip off and anyone who has purchased it in the last year or so is going to feel Blazing Griffin has other intentions.

With that being said here's the best I can do for a Recipe for success for The Blazing Griffin.

First step. Fix the small problems that make "The Ship: Murder Party" useless IE. Master server problem. I know you can't afford to do much with "The Ship: Murder Party" but do what you can afford, it will be worth it in the long run.

Second step. Put your amazing concept art into advertisements within "The Ship: Murder Party" for full steam ahead. Make it clear to everyone playing that this game is "2006 good" and full steam ahead is gonna be "2013 good".

Third step. Very important. Drop the price of "The Ship: Murder Party" to $5 and do as much free advertising for "The Ship: Murder Party" as possible and any cheap advertising you can afford.

I still crave "The Ship: Murder Party" and I know many others that also would like to play. A $5 game is always a good game. I hate to say this but after reading everything about this project and Blazing Griffin things don't look good at all :( I would say this is your best bet for getting the funding AND the audience to make this a success. Best regards -jtsnowboy
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jtsnowboy Jan 10, 2013 @ 9:24am 
Also, You don't have to take my advise obviously, or maybe you can't but keep me updated anyway. Also Please fix the forums. I wanted to post this there but it would not send me the automated activation link to activate my account.
jtsnowboy Jan 11, 2013 @ 8:03am 
I have done some more reading and am now aware that you don't have the proper licensing to modify "The Ship:Murder Party" This is Very unfortunate. I hate to say this but it was kind of a bad investment to purchase the right to sell a broken game that you cannot fix. Who owns this license to modify? Why are they selling it for Thousands if no one is going to buy it? Why do beautiful games get caught up in these situations? I don't want to lose hope in this project but all I can do at this point is pray that who ever has the right to modify understands that its not worth $10,000+ and sell it to you because its not making them any money anyway.
PhilipGHarris Jan 15, 2013 @ 6:40am 
Hi -pg- jtssnowboy. Thanks for all the comments and I've sent you my email address to chat further about some of your thoughts. There are areas of your most recent comment that we simply cannot address on an open forum but wiithout the purchase of The Ship: Murder Party the game would have ended before now. We're looking at a way to address the current multiplayer problem but solutions take time - so sorry for anyone who can't get onto the multiplayer at the moment.
-= N i K o =- Apr 11, 2013 @ 3:21pm 
Technological licence (as you mention in your FAQ) is ancient greek to me (even contemporary greek would be something I have no knowledge of at all).. but I certainly do hope certain things can be fixed.

Anyway, certainly agreeing on reducing the price and trying to make The Ship: Murder Party an actively used tool for creating interest for The Ship: Full Steam Ahead. Maybe not as low as $5, but the current price is rather uh outrageous (the $20 one, the $10 is 50% less so) --considering the age of the game, how it has faltered, the lack of updates and support (you do your best, I know) ++ BUT.. this is if the price was for only one copy, which is not the case. You actually buy five copies for $20. I suggest changing/removing these gift functions and then lowering the price.

You are aware of them, I have seen your posts, but they are really too scarce...
Reach out to the community !

People make custom maps
So, it seems feasible to me that a custom map/mod can be made as a prototype of TS:FSA, no?
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