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Bridge It
Chronic Logic  [kehittäjä] 27.11.2012 kello 16.30
If you have any questions about Bridge It please post them here. Here are some of the ones already posted in the comments:

How can I try Bridge It:
Download the free demo here - http://www.chroniclogic.com/bridgeit_download.htm

Is there an OSX version?
We would love to develop a OSX version of Bridge It. However it would be a total rewrite but we have several other bridge building games with OSX versions which we would like to add to Steam after Bridge It. This includes Bridge Project and the game Bridge It is based on, Bridge Construction Set which both support OSX, you can try the free demos for both at http://www.chroniclogic.com

Does the Add-On Pack work with the version of Bridge It released for Indie Facekick?
Yes the Bridge It Add-On Pack will work with the Indie Facekick and any other version of Bridge It.

Is it compatible with ATI/AMD cards this time?
Bridge It works on any almost graphics card: Intel 915, Nvidia Geforce 4 ti, Ati Radeon 9500, or any newer card.

I LOVE GAMES LIKE THESE but is this one any good? is it better that the others?
Try the free demo and you can tell me :)

How much are you gonna sell this for?
We are not sure yet, Steam will have some input and I am sure there will be sales...

[PHX lähetti viestin:
Miles Harkness]Oh My God.
You do not UNDERSTAND how much I absoloutly LOVE bridges.
and then this comes along... THIS. all of this...
do not crush my dreams, make it to the top 10.
for me.
We are trying our best :)

Is it you, who made same game about four or five years ago with same physics but without visual graphics?
Bridge It is based on another Chronic Logic game, Bridge Construction Set. It is a slightly simplified version with Improved UI and Graphics. You can check out Bridge Construction Set on Win, OSX and Linux: http://www.chroniclogic.com/pontifex2.htm

Where can I see more videos with explanations of Bridge It:
Check out Jef Major's Lets play Bridge It series, PLEASE NOTE: Bridge It works on ATI and Intel graphics cards now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6QkicWvg4g

Viimeisin muokkaaja on Chronic Logic; 30.11.2012 kello 9.47
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Thominator 28.11.2012 kello 14.23 
Don't know if this has been answered before, but how realistic is this? Do you have someone employed who knows a lot about bridges (or maybe yourself?)? You already have my vote, but I was just wondering.
Chronic Logic  [kehittäjä] 28.11.2012 kello 15.21 
It is not accurately based on any real world materials or weights. In other words: Don't build a bridge based on one in this game, or if you do tell me where it is :) It is a physics simulation more then a engineering simulation. Real life bridge designs tend to work well because the physics are fairly realistic.
Chronic Logic  [kehittäjä] 29.11.2012 kello 20.25 
We have only developed bridge building games, you can see them all on the webpage, http://www.chroniclogic.com
emtilt 29.11.2012 kello 23.02 
Will purchasers of the Indie Facekick Bungle receive Steam keys should it be greenlit?
Chronic Logic  [kehittäjä] 29.11.2012 kello 23.50 
That could be possible, I would have to talk with the bundle organizer though to make sure.
You've been doing bridge games for over a decade, haven't you? I remember playing one of them like back in 2000. What's the difference between Bridge It and The Bridge Project?
Chronic Logic  [kehittäjä] 5.12.2012 kello 14.25 
It has been a while now :) Bridge It is based on Bridge Construction Set (aka Pontifex II) and thus its levels and physics are similar to Bridge Construction Set. Bridge Project is an entirely new game, it has improved graphics and some additional materials for building (wood and concrete) but the levels tend to be a little smaller. Bridge Project also has more vehicles for testing the bridge such as tanks. The best way to see the difference is to try the demos and see which one you like best. We hope by getting Bridge It through Greenlight that we will be able to add more Chronic Logic games as well.
I've never played this game before, but I've seen LP's of the game and I just havent had the chance to buy it, then I forgot and now I've seen it on the steam page and life has taken a turn for the better. I got the same connection with the game when I watched MC LP's when it was new, which means that I'm gonna like it.

Anyway, enough of backstories, I love bridge and physics games and I'm really hoping that this gets on steam because if I recall correctly its in dollars and I dont like paying around £2 extra for each non dollar purchace (My bank charges me £1.50 + 2.75% of the price).

I really hope this will cost around £10 to £15.

Now for a question, (forgive me if this is on your FAQ on your site) Will your new game feature randomly generated levels and crazy materials to build crazy bridges over? Also some eyecandy to put over them to lets say stop cars being blown over at high winds over places like a giant sea?
Chronic Logic  [kehittäjä] 31.1.2013 kello 15.09 
The initial version on Steam will be very similar to the version we have on our website. Depending on how that goes we could make some additional changes.
Lil Lano 16.7.2013 kello 12.05 
i faq u xd
I remember playing one of them like back in 2000.xD
Udders 22.8.2013 kello 10.12 
So whats the difference between this and Bridge Project ? or have you just renamed it to take advantage of GreenLight ? I have Project and looked at lots of youtube videos for Bridge It and besides a few menu tweaks graphic wise it looks near enough identicle
Chronic Logic  [kehittäjä] 27.8.2013 kello 17.27 
The physics are totally different. Bridge It physics are much more consistent and better overall. Bridge Project was created my another company and is not related to Bridge It.
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