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City Car Driving
Reviews & Suggestions
Did you like our car simulator? No? You can help us make it better! Post your reviews and suggestions here.
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Awesome looking game. What's the word on Oculus Rift support, American & European traffic rules and mechanical damage simulation? I'll probably pick this up anyway, but those three will decide whether it'll be a day-one purchase or if I wait for a Steam sale.
City Car Driving Developers  [ontwikkelaar] 12 nov 2012 om 10:24 
Hello. Thann you for the interest to our car simulator! Traffic rules in the current version are very similar to basic European traffic rules. American traffic rules have different road signs. We plan to add them, but not in the nearest future. Also the simulator has visual damages of cars, but adding mechanical damages is huge task. We also plan to add it, but also not in the nearest patch.
Thanks, very glad to hear that European traffic rules are on the cards. As for damage simulation, I'd honestly be content with something that simply killed your engine after a serious impact, and wouldn't let you start for a few seconds. For me, the big immersion-breaker is being able to drive away from the most serious accident without penalty. Also, I noticed you had TrackIR support listed, but are there plans to use Oculus Rift?
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City Car Driving Developers  [ontwikkelaar] 12 nov 2012 om 20:26 
As we know Oculus Rift is not released yet. We'll think about supporting it, when it will be released and we can buy and test it.
I like the look of this game, but I live in the United States; and I wouldn't really be interested in playing it unless it had American roads as an option.

Driving around, where I don't know the rules and I can't read the language of the signs would be a disaster.
It would be nice to have a driving simulator of this kind, but developrs should make an effort to provide more realistic maps, some real routes between major cities or inside cities. etc. Driving a car in such a simulator could be a very relaxing experience, in contrast to the very tense and sometimes neurotic car-racing games (of which I'm also a fan, but sometimes I just need to take an easy ride along the city streets or the countryside, while listerning to music and relaxing in the comfort of my livingroom). Anyway, I think this game deserves a place on Steam platform, it's areally a great simulator worth to be developed much further and become widely known among gaming entousiasts of all car-driving/racing genres. Keep up the good work
I really like this game. Now, I have a few suggestions:

American Traffic Rules:
Pretty much what everyone else says.

Mod Support:
The ability to have some mods added to the game, including, but not limited to:
New Maps
New Cars
Traffic Mods

Trial Version:
I think you should develop a trial version of the game. I honestly would like to be able to try a demo prior to purchase, and I imagine most consumers would also like to be able to have that option as well.
Origineel geplaatst door FL:RP racerfan @ Trip:
I really like this game. Now, I have a few suggestions:

American Traffic Rules:
Pretty much what everyone else says.

Mod Support:
The ability to have some mods added to the game, including, but not limited to:
New Maps
New Cars
Traffic Mods

Trial Version:
I think you should develop a trial version of the game. I honestly would like to be able to try a demo prior to purchase, and I imagine most consumers would also like to be able to have that option as well.
I agree. You should make a trial version of this game.
I have a question, when or if it gets greenlit how long do you think it would take until it is posted on steam to buy?
City Car Driving Developers  [ontwikkelaar] 25 nov 2012 om 23:36 
We hope it will not be too long. About 1 month.
If the game's almost finished, I doubt there's much of the following that can be worked in, but I for one would like to see some consequences to your actions -- specifically, a maximum (and optional) number of violations before the "instructor" in the passenger seat ends the driving session, and to have police actually react to severe violations. I remember a driving program I experimented with in the past where I blew through a stop sign and the instructor started yelling at me (in text), so I slammed on the brakes and stopped in the intersection. He then told me to proceed through, but I had already put the car into reverse to try to get back behind the stop line, and he ended the session then because that was too reckless. So, while I may not have agreed with the instructor in principle, it was technically correct. In point of fact, the two times I have attempted to reverse in reality after accidentally crossing a stop line have both been disastrous (near misses of pedestrians in both cases), so even if I didn't realise it then it was a very valuable learning experience: one that I think players should be made aware of by simulating an instructor available to seize control of the vehicle and end your current play session, to reinforce the idea that you are there to learn *how* to make your own decisions, not just to make decisions arbitrarily.

I also note that most of the gameplay videos have a conspicuous absence of traffic lights in areas that would realistically have them -- only major intersections seem to have stop lights, where at least here in Canada we give almost all roads that have more than two lanes (i.e., one lane per side) stop lights, and only usually omit them for two-lane roads intersecting with major roads if it forms a three-way intersection instead of a four-way intersection. Will it be possible to include a map editor or other similar feature at some point?
City Car Driving Developers  [ontwikkelaar] 10 dec 2012 om 23:05 
We have plan to release a map editor, but it's very difficult task make it easy to use for people. So, it will not be in the nearest future.
I think that this game looks really good, but I'm one of those people who likes to try games out BEFORE buying them. Currently, I am unable to do that with this game, but if there was a free demo of the game, such as an older, outdated version, or limited features in the current version, I'd be able to get a "feel" for the game and I'd be able to decide whether or not to get it much easier.
City Car Driving Developers  [ontwikkelaar] 13 dec 2012 om 23:13 
Hello, unfortunately there's no a demo version. But in exchange we provide a money back gurantee to our customers.
Okay, well I've bought the game from your site a few days ago, before I know that it is on Greenlight. I really like it but there are a few points that aren't that nice.
Mainly it's controller support.
You have to acknowledge that a lot of people won't have steering wheels, and while the game let's you configure your controller, some things don't work well:
- The visual turning of the wheel does not correspond to the deadzone settings you've set in the configuration. Not only does this make things less visually pleasing but virtually impossible to look at the wheel since it's turning like crazy even if you do nothing..
- But the major point regarding controller support is the configuration:
Aside from accelerating and breaking it is impossible to map touch sensitive parts of the controller to most of the controls: This means i can not map the right stick to looking around. It is virtually useless, because I can't map anything to it.
And because of the vast possible commands, it wouldn't be bad mapping several key presses to one command.
- The turning signals don't seem to take the deadzone into account either, which effectively means that the turning signals turn off autmatically before I even took a corner, and then I get penalty points for that...

(I know there are ugly workarounds for all of them: Disabling the wheel visuals, disabling the automatic deactivation of the turn signals, nevertheless these are very important points)

Now there are a few other things:
- There are not enough missions. Really not enough. And especially you need to have optional traning missions for people that never drove before to get to know the rules and the feeling of the car.
- Not all of the violation messages are straight forward, this is especially regarding the "You drove in the forbidding direction" which doesn't mean what it says at all, and got me frustrated quite a few times. Instead of saying what's been made wrong you need to say how to do it right. Otherwise completing the very few missions can become very cumbersome.
- The GPS doesn't correspond to the speed level. It needs to zoom out more, at least when driving a bit faster. In the missions I had to look way too much at the small gps window because otherwise it'd mean that I miss a turn. Most of the time you don't even see the two following possible streets to turn in.

Regarding the engine:
- The engine is too power hungry. It took well over 1,5 GB and is quite laggy even on more powerful machines. Seemingly nothing is cached, which implies that you aren't really possible to expand the size of the city without significantly increasing the memory and other performance it uses. Otherwise it looks quite good for it's purpose.

And the city is quite small if you want to ensure, that people will have long term fun with the game. Especially sections like the motorway. that can provide tons of unpredictable fun should be expanded.
While I happily support smaller development studios, I don't really feel that I get enough content for my money (Regarding level size and missions).
I don't regret having paid that much, but I'm not really satisfied either.

And last but not least:
The licence model is very annoying.
It seems that the license is locked to my computer.
Traveling a lot, and not being at home is common for a lot of people. This is why I buy the games over steam in the first place.
I hope this will change if the game appears on steam, and not some strange DRM stuff that Ubisoft or Rockstars do.

Don't take this post for a rant though.
I love this simulator, and really have an awesome time with it.
The feeling for the cars is very good, the handling itself is too.
The city is believable, and there isn't quite any piece of software like yours available.

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