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Just a thought
when i was playing the alpha there was one thing i had a thought about and that was the block size when your playing. my thought was that the blocks are kind of big and if your trying to shoot and you want cover you cant actully shoot because the block is to big. i have played minecraft before and the blocks are about 3 sqaure feet but in this game they look more like 5 sqaure feet. so in other words there kind of cumbersome when you building to. so my thought was that mabye you could possibly make some sort of block size chooser thing for example have three different block sizes to choose from so keep the current size as the large on and then have a medium and small. this is just a thought and i love the work that your doing and i dont mean to sound rude and if so sorry. and the second this game gets green light i am buying it.
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If you buy it now you'll get a code for Steam, and it's half off... and, yes, good idea, I'm sure they'll do something like that in the future. Nothing is set in stone at this point, we're really early on. Devs will change lots I'd imagine.
That sound intersting to try out for the beta.
i want to buy it when its at full price so they get more money i know that sounds dumb.
Oh before I forget I have an idea that I already type down called An idea for Fort Defents. I think this idea will be a good one for the game, and if you know how to make a link please tell me.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on theDemolisher13; 23.11.2012 kello 13.52
well i read the thing and i like the idea alot
by the way were you said bats im pretty sure you meant vats, the big respawn things
also i guess you could go make an account and put your idea on the fourm
But you see I'd would like not to make an acount because I will only use it once so what would the point be if in that.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on theDemolisher13; 23.11.2012 kello 13.58
well what if you tried the alpha its open and free
you need an acount to play that
I'm just going to wait and pay up funt when the game comes out. whale in the mean while whach youtuble clips of it to keep up to date.
i have an account i can put your idea up if you want
But if i get bord eatha i might make an acount. but i will still not be able to install it with out my bro permission sens it is his pc after all.
that would be nice but I think it would be better if the people knew that they came from me. you know what i mean right?
hay if you befriend me we can open a text chat and continue to talk there whale everyone else can post what they think here
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Näytetään 1-15 / 46 kommentista
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