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articy:draft | Game Design Tool
On the topic of pricing...
Update Feb 21, 2013: From what I've been hearing (both here and on the Nevigo forums), the price of the Steam Edition is expected to be less than € 100 (about $130 USD). At one point, there was going to be an upgrade path for converting the Steam Edition to a full-fledged Standard Single-User Edition, costing only the difference, but fairly recent posts by Nevigo Staff do suggest they are looking into other ways to handle adding further functionality.

For those wondering, the Steam Edition (to the best of my knowledge) is essentially a non-commercial-license single-user version.


From my understanding, the price on steam will be lower than what's on the nevigo site, presumably because it's going to indie studios.

For the sake of making sure everyone's on the same page before getting into this (and for reference points), I'm going to go ahead and list the prices given for all of the versions on the site and their estimated USD amounts:

Single-User version:
  • Standard Single-user application: € 349,00 ($450 USD)
  • Student License: not given, although someone says its € 100,00 ($130 USD)

Multi-User version:
  • Multi-User Client: € 849,00 ($1100 USD)
  • Multi-User viewer (read-only): € 99,00 ($130 USD)
  • articy:server (the server needed for this): € 749,00 ($970 USD) for standard [10 users], others not listed
  • Educational / Indie license: not listed

Now, from the greenlight posting, the price is going to be "much reduced" from these advertised prices (either the € 349,00 or the € 849,00 price, it isn't made clear which one it is). I personally would like it to be close to $100 (in line with what I hear the student license version's price is).
Naposledy upravil Kitsune Zeta; 23. úno. 2013 v 17.44
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For indy's, the server and a multi-site license's should be a standard package that is reasonably priced through steam. Indy devs who will use this through steam generally collaborate over long distances. I would say $100 for single users and $250 for multi site with server for indy users. And the Articy:draft reader should be free like Adobe's PDF readers. Perhaps $15 would be doable from this demographic? Perhaps there could be a stipulation that states, "If the game being developed using Articy:draft makes above $X amount then the full studio price will need to be paid within 60 days of reaching said profit margin."
Naposledy upravil Mr Payne; 28. říj. 2012 v 21.18
Nevigo  [vývojář] 27. říj. 2012 v 1.07 
Our motivation to put articy:draft on Steam is to make it available to Indies and Hobbyists at a greatly reduced price - which we will set together with Valve. But rest assured that it is far below the commercial (or call it professional studio) price. Thanks @Mr Payne for the suggestion on the 60 day window - I like that. And thanks to all for voting and leaving your comments! That's greatly appreciated. Please keep all questions coming!
Is there a demo so we can try it.
Nevigo  [vývojář] 28. říj. 2012 v 8.32 
Sure there is a trial version. Just visit our website at http://www.nevigo.com/products/articydraft/try-it.html. You can register for a 30 day fully functional trail version there.
Thanks for the reply, Nevigo. We appreciate your interest in setting affordable pricing for indy dev's. I am looking forward to it's release on steam.
I also see apilcation in my creative writing... Such cool software.
Nevigo  [vývojář] 5. lis. 2012 v 4.22 
@RasgyNuke: Yes, there are several authors using articy:draft, especially for keeping track of locations, characters, timelines and branching story ideas. For the writing itself however, a specialized writing tool like Word or Final Draft is still useful. We support Word Export to kick off the writing process as easy as possible after outlining everything in arctiy:draft.
I am really praying this software gets Greenlighted. Our company really wants to use it for our upcoming ARPG!
I am also praying for it to be greenlighted.

Nevigo, are you guys planning to make a version for the ipad? I would give my left... ear for a version on the ipad :).
I would love to see this greenlit and soon! I'm putting together my first game and though word documents are great, I like things organized in a particular way and from what I'm seeing with this software, it's everything I could possibly wish for in putting everything together and keep it all organized in a way that makes it easier to find needed information.

Would be great to see an Android (and iPad) app to go along with so you can do work on the go
Always looking for a great new way to organize my indie dev team, but I'm hoping what is being said about 'greatly reduced price' is true, for a lot of indie dev's, that'd break the already way-behind credit cards. Hope to see it Greenlit though, looks good!
Can't thank you enough for your desire to support indie developers and aspiring students alike, you get my greenlight thumbs up, this could greatly help lay the foundation for my future.
As the original author wrote, I too would be greatly interested in a substantially reduced-price offering of both the single-user and multi-user clients. Maybe there could also be a server-bundle that throws in the server and two clients for a reduced price as well?
looking really interesting
Really? 100 bucks for READ-ONLY?! That's insane! No functionality and you still have to fork out 100 dollars. Unjustifiable.
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