Ten program został wybrany do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tym programem. Valve skontaktowało się z jego twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

Greenlight zostało wycofane. Więcej informacji o tym, jak wydawać gry na Steam znajdziesz w tym wpisie na blogu.
GroBoto - Modeling App
Syrsly - Twitch 18 października 2012 o 18:57
Low-Poly Modeling
How does Groboto handle low-poly modeling? All the sample meshes seem to be a ton of tris. Can you get a low-poly mesh that looks fairly nice by using only Groboto? If not, what workflow would you recommend?
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GroBotoad  [producent] 18 października 2012 o 19:40 
Hey TapSkill, GroBot is not a low-poly modeler. You can work with much lower densities than you see in most of my examples -- However to get optimal game-asset low-poly meshes requires retopology. ZBrush & 3D Coat are both excellent for retopo of GroBoto meshes.

GroBoto frees you to design without worrying about the mesh (Much like working with ZBrush, but to an even greater extent than ZB -- GroBoto is true Solid Modeling, there is NO mesh when you are designing and modeling in GroBoto). The meshes produced by GroBoto have excellent accuracy, fidelity, structure and perfect, analytic surface normals -- all of which aid retopo. All of that beautiful precision, detail & complexity can be transferred to the low-poly retopo via normal maps.

Best Wishes,
Syrsly - Twitch 18 października 2012 o 21:16 
Yeah, but if I have to transfer it elsewhere, I may as well stick with my other tools. The rigging and texturing can be done in another program, mind you. I'm just looking to simplify my workflow.
GroBotoad  [producent] 19 października 2012 o 5:12 
Hi TapSkill - Understood, and I empathize your desire for simplified workflows.

However, for anyone using ZBrush, or any SubD/Poly modeling apps, GroBoto can save hours of work and greatly enhance the effectiveness of the tools found in those apps. This is especially true for hard-surface sculpting or modeling. Detailed, complex, sophisticated hardware, vehicles, robotics, architecture, are a kick to design & build in GroBoto -- and the automatic GroBoto meshes produced provide a great foundation for further modeling or sculpting.

GroBoto allows the artist/designer to come out & play. Whether your goal is game assets, animation or illustration, that front-end creative freedom is a crucial element -- and GroBoto can be a great toolbox item. GroBoto offers truly unique capabilities and a different sort of creative experience.

I'd invite everyone give the free, fully functional demo a try (www.groboto.com) and check out the WIP threads & dozens of GroBoto-based models I've posted on ZBC and the modo Forums (username groboto on both forums).

Best Wishes,
GroBotoad  [producent] 20 października 2012 o 5:36 
Good News Everyone!

We have been brainstorming here, and now see a clear path to outputting low-poly meshes directly from GroBoto.

That option will broaden GroBoto's range ...to include highly-fidelity complex models (great for Film, Illustration and export to sculpting & subD apps) as well as low poly game assets.

If we are Greenlighted, we will bump that low-poly feature up on our to-do list.

Best Wishes,
Syrsly - Twitch 20 października 2012 o 10:15 
Sounds great! Let me know if that feature gets implemented into the software and I'll definitely take another look. Also, is there a video somewhere than explains the camera controls and stuff like that? I couldn't find it.
Skunk Shampoo 28 listopada 2012 o 13:48 
Yes! Thank you :). Got my vote.
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