Hearts of Iron IV
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AI: No More Joining Factions While at War
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AI: No More Joining Factions While at War

This mod makes a small change in the defines that does not allow the AI to join a faction when you go to war with them. Simple enough.


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Коментарів: 133
Itallix  [автор] 21 жов о 5:49 
@bandit, yes. I use it mainly for Road to 56.
bandit 21 жов о 5:07 
Heya...Does this work with Road to '56?
JuJitzuWarrior 12 жов о 13:00 
pretty ebic im using this for OWB because otherwise the ncr does an unfunny to me
Unteroffizier Herrick Schmitz 9 жов о 14:43 
y'know im just tryin to regain the rhineland when the czech decide to divert form history and fight back starting ww2
SkuniiX 4 жов о 17:56 
can some1 confirm ascor?
Jok3r_AT 21 вер о 2:03 
doesnt work....
BordoBeret 14 вер о 9:43 
This mod doesnt work
tobyvandenberg 10 вер о 15:11 
just tried it, i was romania vs. bulgaria which worked but when i tried yugoslavia they called great brittain and france to attack me immediately
connordl 5 вер о 18:13 
thank you, now i can actually recreate the soviet bloc's iron curtain