Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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WW's + Quam's Map
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WW's + Quam's Map

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What does it do and why?
This mod is a combination of WW's Map+ and Quam's map. I like both of the mods but there were a few things that I disliked about each one so I decided to combine the things I liked from both of them into one mod. The outcome was better than I expected and I figured I would upload it on the workshop for those who might like it as well. Oh, and yes. The mod is ironman compatible.

The resources used in the mod are NOT mine. This mod would most definitely not be possible without the work from Quam and Wunderwaffle. So please go show them support!

Mods Used:
WW's Map+ Ironman
Quam's Graphics Mod (IronMan Version)

The map font used in the preview images is from Kyro's, -RGFX- White Map Font mod. If you would like to use an updated version of his mod, I have created it here.

For those who dislike the look of Quam's map:
I have created a version with the post FX settings to make it have the vanilla color look to it.
WW's + Quam's Map (Post FX)

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31 Yorum
napoli 2 Eyl @ 13:17 
I love it Great job
Med Corp Quam 29 Ağu @ 18:06 
Im loving it!
seomi237 17 Ağu @ 10:42 
i really had fun playing with this mod its just so nice looking
KAI3Ep_GERMANY 17 Ağu @ 5:10 
wojtuchsz 16 Ağu @ 6:51 
✪ Fiagor But Offline 16 Ağu @ 1:26 
2Pac 15 Ağu @ 20:48 
If you host a server, will everyone in the server need this?
Gimo 15 Ağu @ 19:29 
Not Vadim 15 Ağu @ 17:19 
das perty
BearyChristmas 15 Ağu @ 13:16 
It kinda makes it look like civ 6