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Visible Psionics
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Visible Psionics

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Adds animated effect of purple light pulsation occasionally emerging from the heads of humans, and default humanoids, when they become psionics.

Taking Mind Over Matter will add the effect only to the leaders with the psionic trait, after taking Transcendence all your pops will be affected as well.

The chosen one has more intensive, constant effect with glowing eyes.

Leaders will preserve their original phenotype and colour after the effect is applied.

Affects both player and computer controlled empires.


Requires Utopia to unlock psionics feature.


Save game compatible
Feel free to enable this mod after you've already taken the Mind Over Matter or/and Transcendence Ascension perks. It's even somewhat recommended. More on that bellow.

Non 2.2.* versions compatible
Most likely. As well as compatible with beta patch. Do not mind the warning at the game launch.

Achievements incompatible
As the mod uses triggers for changing species appearence and is not just a portrait replacer it's not suitable for getting achievements

Visible Cyborgs compatibility

Currently these two my mods are incompatible as they affect similar gamefiles. For now I recomend you using the one related to your ascention path. A compatibility patch, or even rather a mod combining the functionality of them will be made later, when Visible Psionics are proved to be working as intended.

Other mods compatibility
This mod modifies 09_portraits_humanoid and 07_portraits_human. Every other mod which affects these gamefiles will be in conflict with Visible Psionics. However this issues can be resolved fairly easy so you may expect the compatibility patches soon, as Visible Psionics does not affect any species textures.

Known Issues

Sometimes the game engine forgets to update the appearence of the leader after they become psionics. That's a side effect of the method I use to preserve leaders phenotype. Save your game and then load it - the issue will be fixed. Alternatively, you may just enable the mod already after taking the psionics perks.

In a very specific occasion, when you play custom made empire using human portrait your ruler may get wrong phenotype after becoming psionic. In case you manage to get this problem. I've added special events vispsi.101 - vispsi.105 which changes the phenotype of your leader allowing you to get the right one.

Future Plans

I'm still working on the mod. Thankfully, adding the psionic effect is fairly easy so the number of affected species will increase drastically as soon as the main mechanic is proved to be working. Each week I'm going to add a complete species type to the mod. Next update will bring psionics to all the arthropoid species. Stay tuned.
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35 kommentarer
AstroCat 11 timmar sedan 
Did this ever happen?
Compatibility patch for remastered human portraits is being worked on. Stay tuned.
20 maj @ 6:53 
really nice work,i really liked your visible cyborgs mod, however i can't help wonder is it possible for you to make the effect more like the paradox art for shroud event [] , with floating hair for female portraits, and maybe whiter, lighter, less saturated purple emitting from the body instead of the eye, just an idea
Dark side 18 apr @ 14:09 
any chance for color variations like lighter and darker purples and bluer and red-er purples for all categories this mod is really cool
agentiln1 12 apr @ 13:17 
is it only humanoids
Chirumiru ShiRoz 26 feb @ 7:35 
@Vehk Can I take a look at your codes and study for my own portraits? I mostly just want to see how you do stuffs, and probably coming up with my own particles/textures.
MightNight 10 feb @ 11:48 
Ok, so for the visible biologic mod you could do something simple like showing some veins which flow with a slight visible green tint. Once you reach the second tier of it, those veins would glow green to simulate genetic material being pumped in the system.
cat-fucker 7 feb @ 11:06 
what a cool mod! can't wait to see you add on to it.
KingKilo 6 feb @ 19:43 
Thank you so much. I reinstalled this game for this mod haha
Vehk  [skapare] 6 feb @ 2:49 
A compatibility patch for remastered human portraits is being worked on. Stay tuned.
KingKilo 6 feb @ 1:23 
Is this not compatible with remastered human portraits?