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Chalet Housing Pack by Tomcat
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27 OCT 2017 a las 4:41
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Chalet Housing Pack by Tomcat

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Tomcat's Complete Chalet Pack Levels 1-5
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In partnership with Tomcat, this is a pack of all levels of his 8 original Chalet houses (40 excellently-optimized houses total in this pack). The original pack is a set of level 1 only, and comes with a Building Themes Mod style you can subscribe to. If you don't use Building Themes Mod, or if you want to have more than just level 1, this new pack is for you! It includes all levels, 1 to 5, of his beautiful chalet houses. As well as the original Chalet Props Pack, these require a a custom tree, flower and bush which were specifically chosen because they look great both in regular biomes and also have a snow texture to look great in Snowfall. This means the houses will look great in any environment you choose, and the trees will automatically turn snowy in Snowfall!

Level 5 Pack
Level 4 + additional Level 5s Pack

Althought these are very well-optimized houses, if your computer is lower level, or you subscribe to a lot of workshop assets, the game performance cardinal rule is the less additional items you subscribe to, the better. So, the original pack of level 1s would be a good choice.

1. Use the original pack -
2. with Building Themes Mod
3. and Tomcat's Chalet Building Theme Mod file (categorized as a mod, prevents other buildings not level 1 chalet from spawning in assigned districts)

Don't forget to activate both mods on the mod panel in your content manager

WIth this pack, you don't have to have a mod, and you also get all 5 levels of Tomcat's beautiful chalets. You can use the vanilla / built-in "district style" system to restrict areas to only this building theme for low residential, however I do have to say that Bulding Themes Mod by Boformer is an outstanding and highly recommended mod. It surpasses the vanilla district style functionalities by far, and you can do a lot more with your chalet districts, like including additional buildings of other zoned categories that you specifically choose, and you have the ability to exclude any specific building you don't want to see..


These houses are the original set (they do not get taller), but the decoration differs between levels. The top level 5 houses have the nicest decoration, and some include the XAVE flowerbed, which also gets covered in snow in Snowfall and looks perfectly like bushes covered in snow. Mr Maison's Scots Pine 2 is perfectly sized for these houses and was made specifically with a snow-capable texture and looks fantastic in summer or winter. The white flower by Breeze shows green and looks like a shrub with white flowers on top in summer, and all white in winter like a snow-covered bush


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7 comentarios
MrMiyagi  [autor] 20 JUN a las 7:27 
Hi, yup, I am having a few people report that on these Building Themes packets. Since it's only some of you, it's got to be a mod you use but the people without the problem don't... however, figuring out which one would be a huge task :steamfacepalm: We might find out in the future.

For now, I can highly recommend Plop the Growables. It allows you to hand place each house, and the house won't change its looks ever again (it requires the great mod Find It, and please read PTG's instructions carefully, you have to set up the settings properly).
rushdenman 19 JUN a las 11:59 
i have subscribed to everything but when i look in styles, and click down arrow over have the chalets says "missing"
MrMiyagi  [autor] 3 FEB a las 3:37 
Hi, there are a few ways. If you use the mod Find It, search under the word chalet. All the houses have the word chalet in the file name to make it easier to find. You can also use the great mod Plop the Growables so you can actually place these houses (and all other buildings) by hand.

If you don't use any mods, you will need to build a "style", which is the base game's system to do this. From the main menu, click "content manager", then "styles" tab. Add new style and name it chalet. Now click the "assets" tab. Type "chalet" in the search so that only these houses show up. you will notice a little drop down box below each house. Click and select your new style called chalet. You have to add each one to the new style. It takes a VERY long time (after clicking the check mark you have to wait like 30 seconds) and is very slow to do, but if you don't use mods, it's the only way to do so.
Hope that helps!
Tyrandee 2 FEB a las 9:36 
I added this pack to my game, but i can't find these houses in the game. Where can i find? 😄

Thanks for the help 😘
lotus 15 DIC 2017 a las 7:36 
Really underrated set of houses
BrowncoatTrekky 27 OCT 2017 a las 22:55 
Reminiscent of Ski Resort Tycoon. Thanks fellas.
Ratric 27 OCT 2017 a las 17:31 
Finally a nice pack of houses that fits with snowfall