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Faction Discovery
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Faction Discovery

Added a new faction mod and have to start a new game? Not anymore!

Faction Discovery will make sure you have the recommended amount of (hidden) bases for your new faction on the world map when you load your game the next time.

This means you don't need a new game to use this mod. It can also be removed at any point.
You do need HugsLib, however.

Known conflicts
- Faction Control

Previous versions
can be found HERE[www.dropbox.com].

My other mods
Can be found here.

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Orion  [作者] 1月9日上午1:28 
Restart Steam...
chattboy521 1月9日上午1:16 
I've Subscribed, been waiting, until the download was finished. But it does'nt show up in my Modlist.
Orion  [作者] 1月5日下午12:43 
Yes, but not over time. When you load the savegame.
Johnny Dollar 1月5日上午9:07 
If I have a tribal map with absolutely no pirate or outlander unions, will this mod make them pop up over time?

Orion  [作者] 1月4日上午12:27 
Quite possibly, yeah.
Mummy savage 1月3日下午7:59 
I have the boat mod which is supposed to have more faction bases spawning on the coast but no bases ever spawn on the coast, are these two incompatible?
Mummy savage 1月3日下午7:58 
does it work with the new boat mod
Zombra 2019年12月30日下午12:53 
Orion  [作者] 2019年12月30日上午11:11 
Zombra 2019年12月30日上午7:27 
@somr You sound like one of those people who thinks "I've been nice to you for 2 weeks, now you owe me sex." If you don't want to be nice just to be nice, then stop being nice. No big loss.