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Tatuus FT-50
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27 июн. 2019 в 9:37
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Tatuus FT-50

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Year of production: 2014. Production number 26. Equipped with a Toyota 1.8L Naturally aspirated engine with approx. 205 bhp. The car is run exclusively in Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand. Former champions include Lando Norris, Lance Stroll, Brandon Hartley, Robert Shwarzman, Earl Bamber to mention a few.
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Комментариев: 9
Max VERSTAPPEN 20 июл. 2019 в 4:13 
no error message here, works great thx awesome fun
Racing Maid Ruby 7 июл. 2019 в 15:29 
S397 strikes again lol
tobiaspitzer 28 июн. 2019 в 12:26 
Same Error here
Il Capo [Art Attack] 28 июн. 2019 в 4:14 
same error guys
noroardanto 27 июн. 2019 в 19:00 
Yes I got "TATUUS_FT_50_BODY_MED.GMT to memory" too. Unsubscribed and re-subscribed, still not working
Leynad Jee 27 июн. 2019 в 18:02 
I get the same error and un- & resubscribe doesn't work here, but the rest of the pack is awesome i can tell:steamhappy:
IAMPXYCO 27 июн. 2019 в 13:55 
got also an gmotor2 error
geforth 27 июн. 2019 в 12:37 
i have the problem, that the mfd ist not working and on Guapore massive stutters only with that car. But thanks for your great work and support @Studio 397!
SAGY 27 июн. 2019 в 12:02 
I get error message while loading: error loading mesh file TATUUS_FT_50_BODY_MED.GMT to memory. Anyone else with the same problem?