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Rapeseed Field Pack [Industries]
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27 окт. 2018 в 9:59
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Rapeseed Field Pack [Industries]

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Maximilian's Farms [Industries DLC]
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Update 3/7/19
You no longer need to be subscribed to the prop pack and they stay visible when viewed from far away! Thanks to MrMiyagi for sharing how to do this.

This is a pack of 3 fields for the Industries DLC. It contains 1 small, medium, and large size rapeseed field. These do not appear in the UI panel. To get these, build a field of the corresponding size and then select the field from the drop-down menu.

Make sure you thank DeCzaah for making the wonderful assets these are based on. Find the original props here.

Let me know if you have any problems. It seems to be working fine on my end. Enjoy! :D
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Maximilian  [автор] 9 мар в 18:33 
@jetmatas, Yes they do. All my fields will pop up in the drop down menu of their respective field size (small, medium, large) except the ones labeled "dummy" and my new larger fields, which have their own icon in the UI panel (but also have a drop down menu - the default is wheat when you place it). And no, not according to the dictionary. It is rape.
jetmatas 9 мар в 9:37 
Hi there, really enjoyed your work on the large vanilla fields. Do these rapeseed fields also work like the large vanilla field, in that they appear in the drop down menu? BTW, are they pronounced "rap-ay" and not "rape"?
Arch-Duke Pepega VII 4 фев в 19:15 
lul it was a joke
Maximilian  [автор] 4 фев в 19:01 
@Big Bad Nonja Canola is only a type of rapeseed and isn't grown in Europe I don't think (from what i read only Canada -who "created" it-, US, and Australia.And DeCzaah is German so it would be rapeseed.
Big Bad Nonja 4 фев в 16:33 
You could just use it's alternate name, based on the end product oil. Canola seed. :) Only we FarmSim enthusiasts will know what rapeseed is, and of course farmers... :D
Retro 15 янв в 19:58 
i don't think a crop should have a trigger warning.
Maximilian  [автор] 7 ноя. 2018 в 22:08 
@landandskygirl Well I could title it "Brassica napus" but I don't think anyone would know what that is lol.
landandskygirl 7 ноя. 2018 в 22:04 
An unfortunate name for a crop, but great work nontheless.
Arch-Duke Pepega VII 27 окт. 2018 в 15:40 
Trigger warning pls