Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Physics 7 Full 1.1
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Physics 7 Full 1.1

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Realism mods for ETS2
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This is not a truck mod. The Hyundai truck in the picture has nothing to do with this mod. This mod offers you no trucks. It is only a physics mod. You don't get any extra truck from this mod.
** Mod version 1.1 Update:
- Reduces the maximum cabin roll angle (as suggested by a real life truck driver).
- Differentiates between older and newer truck models by increasing front suspension softness of newer models by 25% (as suggested by a real life truck driver).
Trucks considered to be in the newer model group are:
New Man E6, New Gen Scania, Volvo 2012, DAF E6, Highway, Actros 2014
You will find these newer models to be a little bit softer than older models in some situations. This brings the game to another level of realism.
This is the full version of Physic's 7 Mini. The difference between the 2 versions is:

Physics 7 Mini:
- Cabin weight 650 kg (same as vanilla)
- Builtin Air Ride B

Physics 7 Full:
- Cabin weight 1,000 kg. The 1 ton cabin of the full version makes the cabin movement more obvious and complete.
- Built in its own unique air seat. (never published before)
- Less max cabin roll angle (since v1.1 (as suggested by a real life truck driver))
- Newer truck models are softer than older truck models (since v1.1 (as suggested by a real life truck driver))
The newer models are: New MAN E6, DAFF E6, Highway, New Gen Scania, Actros 2014, Volvo 2012

This mod has been tested and approved by real life truck drivers to be very close, accurately simulating real life trucks.


1. This mod aims to be natural, realistic and close to real life truck as much as possible.

2. No mods can fix the SCS' road surface too smooth problem. When you drive with this mod you have to keep in mind that SCS' roads are unrealistically smooth. So there is no way that your truck will bounce all the time like on real life roads. Most other physics mods make your truck shake too freaky and insane. This mod makes sure that your truck responds naturally and realistically to each bump, corner SCS offers.

3. All 8x4 models are intentionally made harder suspension to prevent the nose dipping too low.

4. This mod works best with the default value of "g_suspension_stiffness" and "g_truck_stability" if you have adjusted those values before, please make sure you reset them to default before you play with this mod.

(I am not the maker of this video)

This mod is made based on this video. Try this mod and compare the feeling with this video. You will find that it is very close.


- Patch 1.34 and 1.33
- All SCS trucks including the new MAN Euro 6
- This mod includes its own unique air seat. You don't need to use my Air Ride mods. But if you don't like the included seat, you can use any of my Air Ride mods with this mod by placing the Air Ride mod higher. My Air Ride mod will replace the seat automatically.


For the SCS new MAN Euro 6, this mod only supports 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 to prevent game crash.
So if you buy the new MAN Euro 6, do not buy with 6x2 or 6x2/4.


I am not going to add modded trucks, but I tell you how to add by yourself:

1. Make sure your modded truck is the latest version and compatible with 1.34
2. Find and open your modded truck's folders named " def > vehicle > truck > (truck name such as scania RJL)"
3. Delete all folders inside the (truck name) folder except the "chassis" folder.
4. Copy the (truck name) folder, together with the chassis folder inside it.
5. Find my mod folder in your Steam directory, and paste in my mod folder at the same path. (def > vehicle > truck > (paste it here).
6. Open the chassis folder that you have just pasted it. You should see files names 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 etc. You need to open each of them with Notepad or Wordpad and find the line "residual travel" (there should be 2 or 3 of it per file), then change the value number next to "residual travel" to match the value in my mod (open the other trucks to see my value).
7. Save every file you changed.
8. Done. Test it in the game. (my mod must be higher than your truck mods).

** Do the steps with a copy of your truck mod, do not do the steps with your original truck mod. **
** In case your mod is in a zipped or compressed file, you need 7-Zip software to open. **


1. Send me your Steam Trading Cards or any Steam tradable item.
1.1 Add me to your friend list. (My profile name is "Momo & Yuna" make sure you add the right person)
1.2 Go to my profile page.
1.3 Click the button "More" next to "Send a Message".
1.4 Choose "Offer a Trade" from the drop down menu.
1.5 Move your Trading Cards to my inventory.

2. Paypal


Yes, but please give me some credits. You could either learn from my mods to produce your own, or just post them as they are. Either way, please give me some credits for my hard work. That way you will look good like a gentleman.



1. The comment section below.
2. Facebook fanpage:
3. My Youtube Chanel:
4. My email:
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34 kommentarer
EmeraldZebra 17. mai kl. 13:12 
id like to see more of a big dip between gears, the trucks i drive tend to Nod as they get going then smooth out
MOMO & YUNA  [skaper] 14. mai kl. 20:34 
To All who are using beta patch 1.35:
Patch 1.35 introduces many new parameters in the physics file, which is a good opportunity for modders, but it might effect the current state of this Physics 7 mod in a bad or good way. If you find unsatisfactory experience using this mod with 1.35, my best advice for now is disable this mod and use any of my Air Ride mods instead. After 1.35 becomes official, i will rework Physics 7. The new physics parameters introduced in 1.35 look very exciting for modders.
MOMO & YUNA  [skaper] 14. mai kl. 19:22 
I have not tested it yet, i am going to test it today.
MA€STRO™ 14. mai kl. 11:43 
Hello MOMO & YUNA, one of the FEATURES of version 1.35 is Cabin suspension reworked, this implementation is compatible with this mod?
MOMO & YUNA  [skaper] 1. mai kl. 6:03 
This mod does not change the steering parameters. But personally, I always drive with max non-linearity and max sensitivity, that way it feels closest to real life trucks that have 4.5 turns lock to lock (Scania R).
Oreos 30. apr. kl. 12:21 
Thanks for the great work as usual Momo. Do you have any suggestions for steering sensitivity & linarity?
MOMO & YUNA  [skaper] 26. apr. kl. 6:50 
A similar problem occurred in Physics 6 series with DAFF in the previous game patches, then it was fixed by itself in ETS2 1.34. So I think this MAN issue will fix itself in ETS2 1.35 patch.
BXblob 26. apr. kl. 4:41 
Hey Momo, great mod btw but was wondering if the issue with 6x2 for MAN Euro 6 will it be fixed as soon as possible or if it will be fixed with next big update (1.2)
Louno 22. apr. kl. 3:54 
Oh well I didn't know you could extract a file .scs Thank you
MOMO & YUNA  [skaper] 21. apr. kl. 8:08 
The .scs file is actually a zipped file. You need WinRar or 7Zip to open the package and access the text files inside.