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Chernarus 2035
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17. aug. 2017 kl. 14:12
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Chernarus 2035

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This mod is no longer being developed by me.

APL-SA Licensed

Chernarus 2035 is the Eastern area of the fictional country of Chernarus, the arma 2 map. This mod aims to be a slight re-master and overhaul to some locations of Chernarus in line with the original terrain. The terrain size has been increased from 225km2 to 419km2, a number of new islands large and small have been created off the coast of Chernarus, ranging from a Nuclear Power Plant to a large island with an airfield a some small settlements, to nearly a dozen smaller islands to fill in the gaps.

The world name is below if you need to know what it is.

The addon name is below if you need to know what it is.

Other notable features:
-Overhauled Grass Configs & Textures
-Beautiful Lighting, Sky, and Cloud Configs
-Many structures have added interiors by Argument and myself
-Utes Island + Chernarus merged
-Post-Catastrophe Setting (Garbage and abandoned vehicles)
-Nuclear Power Plants
-Swamp areas
-A large landmass expansion in the eastern ocean is being worked on


This mod originally was named "South Zagoria Terrain"
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26. mars kl. 13:44
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Crazy Mike
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426 kommentarer
Crazy Mike  [skaper] 16. mai kl. 9:15 
No I've since moved on from modding arma and I have already given the source files to some close friends who may invest some time into working on it
FckingWoppa 7. mai kl. 14:25 
this map ever going to get completed?
Batteries Not Included 16. apr. kl. 0:36 
is there a way to remove the "map under construction" text?
Haiden 12. mars kl. 23:05 
"yes i work on a dayz sa mod now"

That youll half-ass. Just get a job and a pet or something. Honestly, you make up more excuses than anyone I know in the modding community.
Haiden 12. mars kl. 23:03 
"id only ever give out my source files to a close friend or somebody i knew who knows what their doing"

So you think everyone who does this is somehow "pro"? Dude, you cant even finish work you start. At least give it to someone who can finish your shit.
Haiden 12. mars kl. 23:00 
"Seems people dev today just from money?"

Everyone does everything for money, why wouldnt they? Its time spent. But I agree, Ive yet to see a completed project. It seems a bit naive for anyone to never finish, and to be expected to be taken srs. Pity, such a waste.
palazarev98 8. mars kl. 16:38 
I love the map, however, each time I try to save a multiplayer mission on it, it hist me with the following error: No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgWorlds/Sara.description . I've searched through comments and forums, but haven't found the solution. Can you, please, suggest something?
Coldfront15 25. feb. kl. 12:21 
when you copy the sat map and flip it.
Captain FinnBat 25. feb. kl. 3:22 
Has he ever finished anything ?
[CGS] Roadsoldier (FIN) 24. feb. kl. 16:17 
Seems people dev today just from money? also own mods :D
Pity that this mod left halfway, hope that other dev jobs wont go like this.