Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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GDU: Gotterdammerung Multiplayer Mod
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GDU: Gotterdammerung Multiplayer Mod

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GDU Historical Multiplayer overhaul mod. Join discord to see changes and play with us!


gitlab Page: https://gitlab.com/GDU-Group/Gotterdammerung
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14 AGO a las 11:01 p. m.
Bring back player china
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Danny 21 AGO a las 9:13 a. m. 
Are CAS supposed to have 2000 km/hour+ ?
Nuclear SMGJohn 17 AGO a las 8:38 a. m. 
The perfect mod for Axis when they are too incompetent to play with Vanilla balance.
Coffee Cheetos and Chicken 14 AGO a las 11:01 p. m. 
Bring back 20 mil 41 civ starting France.
Sponge Gar 2 AGO a las 7:39 p. m. 
Chairman Trump 25 JUL a las 8:27 a. m. 
2/10 terrible mod (not enough pfu)
Sakul_2401 / Lukas 24 JUL a las 5:50 a. m. 
Germany seems not fucking OP in this mod...
Ippokrates 23 JUL a las 11:28 a. m. 
Don't understand why my game has stopped for no reason (during first soviet-finish war) PLEASE DO SOMETHING
AlaskanBullWorm 23 JUL a las 10:43 a. m. 
the most shitty mod I have ever seen for Hoi4
Krook 22 JUL a las 7:39 a. m. 
rename spanish africa to portugese africa or perma delete of mod reee
uWu_Pycoo 20 JUL a las 10:01 a. m. 
shit gei fack mod:waifu: