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Istanbul Park v1.3
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18 OCT 2017 a las 12:16 p. m.
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Istanbul Park v1.3

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- converted to rfactor by WCP
- converted and updatet for rfactor2 by digga

changelog v1.3
- dx11 texture update
- modify terrain (mesh,textures)
- increase fencepole around the track
- some aiw optimation (GP layout)
- reworked vegetation
- new cam file
- new trackedges
- new nightlights
- new second layout Intermediate

Special thanks to...
>> MCNolo - flag animations, Electronic flags, billboard camera people
>> Nuno Lourenço - road textures

Good play for all, have fun...
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22 comentarios
Fabian Biehne 12 FEB a las 4:47 a. m. 
Track looks great but is there any chance to optimize it even further? I get bad stuttering especially on the straight/finish straight in VR. Although it is DX11 it feels like a DX9 track in VR. My hardware should be fine (Ryzen 5 2600X, RTX 2080).
Paarthurnax 1 ABR 2018 a las 11:54 p. m. 
Looks great!
lolof1 18 ENE 2018 a las 3:56 a. m. 
Super circuit,greats job
flat-6 23 DIC 2017 a las 2:09 a. m. 
blue 15 DIC 2017 a las 2:26 p. m. 
Many thanks. Great work .Your tracks are very high Quality
Marcelo Aiello 29 OCT 2017 a las 4:03 p. m. 
Fab 25 OCT 2017 a las 4:03 p. m. 
I enjoyed it specially good ffb
2ndLastJedi 25 OCT 2017 a las 6:23 a. m. 
Best looking track in rF2 ! Thank You !
Na Scoitear 22 OCT 2017 a las 1:48 p. m. 
excellent job. love this track
obbzy 21 OCT 2017 a las 8:36 p. m. 
Nice update. Thanks.