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GCCM: Island Battles!
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2018년 9월 27일 오전 8시 47분
2019년 4월 20일 오후 6시 11분
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GCCM: Island Battles!

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Island battles
We're back! Steam workshop finally decided that I was allowed to update the mod, so I have. It's been rebranded to 'island battles' to fit with CA's naming of those battles, and it should now be save game compatible as well. You no longer need to be subscribed to Naval Battles part 2, that mod is now outdated. Marthenil will be making a different mod which replicates some of the things that we did with that mod, keep an eye out for it!

Naval battles
CA has announced that they will be adding island and black ark battles to the base game! While this of course means that a large part of the background work that we have done will no longer be needed, it fortunately doesn't mean that we will be stopping this mod. With the release of the dlc we will be adding more island and black ark battles to the game, similar to what we've been doing with settlement battles as well. In addition to that we have some other plans that we hope to share soon.

So no worries, you can keep using the mod as is for now, and with the release of the dlc we'll have a compatible Island battle and Black ark battle mod! More news on that soon as well!

I have posted a much longer story about this on patreon in cade you want to read a lot of text for some reason:

Hello everyone, it's finally here, the moment we've all been waiting for: The (beta) release of the naval combat mod.

- Enabled naval battles
- 9 new naval battle maps (see below)

There are currently 9 maps included, with more to follow soonish. You should still also get CA's maps. Theirs and ours should appear at different spots semi-randomly.

The maps
- High Elf Beach Resort - Kazad - Bretonnian Isle - Kazad - Frozen Island - Kazad - Flooded Temple - Kazad - Gaze of Ualatep - SaSemar - Scattered Tropical Island - Ravenian - Solitary Forest Island - Ravenian - Solitary Tropical Island - Ravenian - Tidal Island - Ravenian

You can activate and deactivate this mod at any time during the campaign.
It should be compatible with everything else.

It should also work without the other parts of GCCM. I know they're listed as required, but they're more "very strongly suggested". There's not really any way to do that though, so I just listed them as required instead. Please note that if you do subscribe to GCCM main you will also need the asset pack and the settlement packs.

Oh, and don't forget to click like etc. if you like making us feel good about ourselves.
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댓글 341
Enragedfury 2019년 10월 17일 오전 7시 05분 
Very nice but my reinforcements will not show up at all in battle while my opponent's will. 3 chaos hordes can crush my half-stack even if i have 5 armies grouped together. It shows all my forces in the menu but no reinforcements icon in battle. Unplayable until fixed. Very nice maps tho love all your content.
Deerber 2019년 10월 15일 오후 3시 39분 
any word on an update/fix of this?
YourSwolyness|Twitch 2019년 10월 2일 오후 8시 46분 
Dairak Logrus 2019년 9월 21일 오전 1시 57분 
this mod update with new patch?
opuntia 2019년 9월 19일 오후 3시 44분 
Great mod
Can you update it please
Unter_Null 2019년 9월 1일 오전 6시 17분 
Island battles are broken. I have all gccm collection but during an island battle the maps wont load properly and the game just breaks. theres only water and i cant set the units anyway, plus when u start the battle, the enemy doesnt appear and the game just freezes, wtf.
jack.jennings 2019년 8월 29일 오후 2시 09분 
does this work?
Obese Geese 2019년 8월 10일 오전 3시 26분 
What happened to some scenes like Altdorf? I remember way back the first impressive yet glitchy iteration of Altdorf in Warhammer 1. I can see why it was replaced with a better one.

In WH2 not long ago (I think it was WH2, at least) there was an amazing, and fully functional, elaborate Altdorf scene, much better albeit slightly smaller than the last one, but still more impressive than what we have now.

Where did all of that go? Why was it removed? Its such an important settlement..
RipDragonPrinceMass.StupidCA 2019년 7월 28일 오전 12시 52분 
so updated island map+this mod map both appear in campaign?
PIXY_UNICORN 2019년 7월 19일 오전 11시 46분 
Just loaded into Helmgart battle and the playable area is underwater, while the rest of the map is in it's normal location