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Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater/Subsistence Soundtrack [Tactical/Shell]
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18 lug 2017, ore 17:01
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Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater/Subsistence Soundtrack [Tactical/Shell]

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This mod adds the Metal Gear Solid 3 Soundtrack to XCOM2! If you install Mod Config Menu, you can allow this soundtrack to play alongside others.

If you found a bug in this mod, then report it in the Bug Report Thread. Don't report in the comment section, or else it might get buried. I will take feedback in the General Feedback Thread if you feel like there could be improvements to the mod.


-Original music ripped from the PS2 version of MGS 3: Snake Eater.
-Featuring gapless playback for all songs.
-Includes the song 'Snake Eater'. Where I won't say. Hint: Plays at 3 different places.


-No Geoscape music, mostly shell and tactical. It's designed to be complemented with other soundtrack mods, due to the small amount of songs.


Coding/Mod Assembly:
E3245 for assembling the Metal Gear Solid 3 Soundtrack Mod.
Robojumper for creating the Music Modding System, and coding additional features to make this music mod possible.

Hideo Kojima for creating the Metal Gear Solid series.
Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino, Shuichi Kobori, and Tappi Iwase for arranging/composing the Metal Gear Solid 3 soundtrack.
Cynthia Harrell for the vocals of the song 'Snake Eater'.

Instrumental: Super Smash Bros. Brawl by Nintendo.
Vocal looping version: Metal Gear Solid 4



Version 1.200:
-Diverted some of the Wildcard music to the Goldenpath missions.

Version 1.100:
-Added the 'Mission Failed' music

Version 1.000:
-Initial Release
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19 nov 2018, ore 8:12
IN EVIDENZA: Bug Report Thread
30 mar 2017, ore 22:33
IN EVIDENZA: General Feedback Thread
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19 commenti
tomomi1922 24 dic 2018, ore 1:14 
Video is unavailable
grave528 16 ott 2018, ore 2:08 
this is my shit!
Shade11 11 apr 2018, ore 6:55 
i think adding mgs V soundtrack would be a good idea
Bus 2 feb 2018, ore 18:56 
could you make a mod that was Solid Snakes' sneaking suit? Not Naked Snake but Solid Snake
Franss the Coffee Addict 27 ago 2017, ore 2:48 
While I own XCOM 2 but never played it (got it as a gift), I would request Metal Gear Solid: PW OST pack. Would be nice to have "Entry Gate" or the theme when on the loadout selection before entering a mission.
Jerry 27 lug 2017, ore 3:13 
Used this mod all the way through my first playthrough and loved where you put the snake eater song in the campaign, made it really epic. Thanks!
wolff_laarcen 18 lug 2017, ore 16:49 
I've never played MGS3. I would have missed this incredible music if not for this mod. Thank you.
∑3245  [autore] 4 giu 2017, ore 17:19 
Yes. Check the spoiler tag below.
HellzGate28 4 giu 2017, ore 16:32 
Is this supposed to have the actual "Snake Eater" song on it? I literally never hear it if it does.
Crypt 26 apr 2017, ore 12:28 
Could a video be made to actually showcase this n the game?