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Cities: Skylines

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Bicycle Shelter
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28 apr 2015, ore 15:00
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Bicycle Shelter

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A Palletful of Practical Props
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Bike Shelter prop to decorate your office or school
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7 commenti
mjm92150 16 nov 2016, ore 14:15 
Could you add road sign for bicycle/motobike ?

Road sign for bicycle / motobike (here you'll get 9 road sign) :,fr,4,L0502.cfm

They are really appropriate with your prop specialy the 1st and the 2nd road sign.

It will be great if you can added all of them.

Many thanks.
chenobble  [autore] 17 feb 2016, ore 10:39 
Hi guys - it is a prop so is used for adding to your buildings, it is not a building in itself. Cyclists ignore it unfortunately - if the AI allowed it that would be so cool to add!
Wellech 17 feb 2016, ore 8:06 
Do cyclists park their bicycle in is?
cellosavy48 14 gen 2016, ore 15:10 
Ive got this enabled but I cannot find it. What menu is it under in game?
Forkboy22 19 ago 2015, ore 12:12 
I like it but there is no LOD which is not ideal. Can you possibly add a LOD?
SMELLY DOG BOY 24 lug 2015, ore 9:19 
Good for some diversity among pedestrians; thank you!
PaffaLon™ 8 lug 2015, ore 12:13 
Have been looking for one of these, really nice!