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Millenium Dawn - GFX Update
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Millenium Dawn - GFX Update

"Hey, when did my Typhoon become an F-15?"

This mod has a very simple purpose - to update and solve every graphic and localisation errors. It changes and adds new icons to the tech trees to better reflect the historical acquisition and usage of equipment of respective countries. The aim of this mod is to eventually update and fix all of the icons for major and notable nations for Millennium Dawn.

Current list of countries worked on thus far:
- UK (Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)
- Russia (Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)
- Singapore (Infantry, Vehicle tabs)
- USA (Infantry, Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)
- Germany (Vehicle, Help tabs)
- Japan (Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)
- Greece (Vehicle tab)
- South Korea (Infantry, Vehicle tabs)
- France (Vehicle, Air, Helo tabs)

Latest Changelog:
- South Korea gets a new K11 icon in place of the XK8.
- Added MBTs, IFVs, APCs, Recon icons for South Korea.
- Added 5 new helicopter icons for France.
- Added transport plane icons for Japan.
- Reworked British Challenger I icon.
- Reworked British helicopter icons.
- Reworked US Dragoon 300 APC.
- Reworked some vehicle icons for US (Tolis)
- Reworked infantry weapon icons for US (Tolis)
- Reworked 4 Russian aircraft icons (Tolis)

Tolis for the American tree, and working on Germany and Greece (and a bit of Russia too).
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Tolis  [készítő] júl. 20., 0:37 
you can add me
Amtoj júl. 14., 21:17 
That graphics team leader just so happens to be me. Definitely come by our Discord server sometime. We would love to work with you guys. Plenty of good stuff in here which we could integrate into Millennium Dawn itself.
GrimXLive júl. 14., 20:55 
Hi, I'm a dev from the MD graphics Team and we are wondering if you would be interested in join us, we are interested in your level of talent and would like to set up a meeting with out team leader on our discord server
CallMehNic júl. 3., 7:15 
No It Was only the Millenium Dawn.
rusty.shackleford1933 júl. 1., 2:59 
Thank you for this amazing mod and all the hard work it took to make it!
Yamazdum jún. 29., 6:12 
Hey gratz for the mod! just sent you an friend invitation @Aegisacer to ask/discuss some steps of the icon making (I'm doing a similar project for another mod and would like to put some thing in common with you guys, if you have a min ;) GFX stuff )
Furno222[PL] jún. 25., 5:27 
god dam a arma 3 vechicles and arts as a units i love it <3
sorahyakuri2680 jún. 25., 4:33 
May we have create?
the Millenium Dawn Classic mod
JeffB jún. 16., 6:34 
Any chance of a South African update, I have loads of pics if you need them 👍🏻
Chief Rocket Designer jún. 12., 20:14 
As a note the M1A2 sep2 is actually the sep 3