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Code Lock
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2019. febr. 5., 13:23
2019. dec. 3., 9:35
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Code Lock

Code Lock is aimed at simplifying the base combination lock. No longer will you have to scramble to lock a gate that gives access to your base. There are also tons of configurable settings for this mod including logs, raid times, raid settings, client rate limiting and more!


Thank You!
I never imagined having twenty thousand subscribers let alone 400,000! Thank you all so much for the continued support over the last year! This mod has had its ups and downs and I appreciate everyone sticking around.
On another note, I am finally interesting in DayZ modding again so I will be around to answer questions and update the mod as needed.
If you have any questions you can always join my discord (link below) or comment.


New Config:
Here is some information regarding the new variables in the config!
ActionRateLimit - Time client must wait before requesting action data from server. (in seconds)
UIRateLimit - Time client must wait before requesting UI data from server. (in seconds)
PermissionReloadTime - Interval for permissions to be reloaded (in seconds)
RaidIncrements - How many increments raiding will be broken up into. This is now a continuous action, like mag loading.
GateRaidTime - Time required to raid gates (in minutes)
TentRaidTime - Time required to raid tents (in minutes)
CanAttachToGates - Whether or not code locks can be attached to gates. (true or false)
CanAttachToTents - Whether or not code locks can be attached to tents. (true or false)
CanRaidGates - Whether or not gates can be raided. (true or false)
CanRaidTents - Whether or not tents can be raided. (true or false)
DestroyLock - Whether or not to delete codelock after being cut off. (true or false)
DestroyTool - Whether or not to destroy raid tool after cutting off a lock. (true or false)


Donation Link:
Want to support my mod? Donations are greatly appreciated!


Discord Link:
Have any questions? Join my discord!


Thanks to WarDog for the new UI! :
Thanks to OP for implementing the custom model!:
Model used for Lock:



Use a Collection if you want to include this mod on your server for your users.

Monetization while using this mod is NOT approved.
Requests for monetization MUST go through Room Service.
Copyright 2020 Room Service.

This item is not authorized (strictly forbidden) for any of these conditions:
- posting on Steam, except under the Steam account theroomservice.
- hosting on any download server other than Code Lock's current workshop download.
- hosting on any launcher for distribution other than Code Lock's current workshop download.
- to be packaged in any form other than Code Lock's current workshop download.
- to create derivative works.
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Gilni febr. 26., 13:27 
Dear Sir,

i am owner of CrocaineDayZ community and i want to ask for your permission to use your great Mod on a monetarized Server. We just want to offer priority que slots and dont want to sell your highly respected work in anyform. We are a small growing community with just one Server and want to offer priority slots to help with the servercost since modded DayZ requires powerful Hardware.

With best regards, CrocaineDayZ community
Der Otti febr. 25., 20:01 
codlock does not work on livonia map?
Jackson febr. 24., 13:16 
There seems to be an issue where only the owner of the codelock can dismantle the gate/wood/
Marius febr. 16., 19:25 
how do i "crack" a code? hacksaw?
Room Service  [készítő] febr. 16., 10:11 
I'll be looking into the codelock object's health issue. As for the dismantling I'll look into that as well. And yes, @Spud.
Gilni febr. 16., 2:23 
Since last DayZ patch ou can dismantle a codelock again b using pliers. just dismantle gate and codelock dops of. Here is m setting:

"ActionRateLimit": 5,
"UIRateLimit": 1,
"PermissionReloadTime": 60,
"RaidIncrements": 5,
"GateRaidTime": 15,
"TentRaidTime": 5,
"CanAttachToGates": "true",
"CanAttachToTents": "true",
"CanRaidGates": "false",
"CanRaidTents": "true",
"DeleteLockonRaid": "true",
"ToolDamageonRaid": 100,
"OwnerOnlyDismantle": "true",
"CanOpenAnywhere": "true",
"CanCloseAnywhere": "true"
DeathuponU1 febr. 15., 12:17 
Tried doing what @NOVA said and I am still getting the same error message. I don't know if there is any way anyone can help me fix this. The game cant seem to verify something which is in the folder
Sam Can tCu febr. 15., 5:47 
cant attatch it does give the option but it wont work
Spud febr. 14., 21:48 
Hi. Love your work. You still do custom variants of the mod?
NOVA febr. 14., 19:37 
uninstall mod and open you dayz launcher in your dayz folder thats in steam folder (not dzsa launhcer from maca). restart steam and re sub to the mod. then re open your launcher in dayz folder and wait for it to say some mods have been updated/added. then try again