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Vcom AI V3.3.3
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9 Ιουλ 2016 στις 19:15
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Vcom AI V3.3.3

Vcom AI 3.3.3

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Use the GitHub page for the latest updates:


---New Vcom base artillery system
-Lightweight artillery solution
-Artillery will become more accurate over time. Staying in one location is a death sentence in a pro-longed fight.

----CBA settings tweaked
----AI now are more easily suppressed
-Adjusted basic spawn settings, decreased AI courage by default

----Removed CQB fighting system
-This was causing severe FPS hits in towns, and had minimal gameplay impact

----Waypoint Generation change
-waypoints have a 25m completion radius to prevent AI from getting stuck
-AI will call for proportional support to enemy threats, instead of calling an entire sector.

----Zeus changes
-AI changed to respect zeus players more

----Vehicle Handling
-Removed Vcom Driving until better implemented
-AI will drop off troops more effectively!
-AI will get stuck in an endless mount/dismount loop less often.
-Aircraft will disembark troops to support nearby squads

----Many other optimizations/fixes

AI Modification: Faster, Smarter, and Deadlier AI.

Vcom AI 3.0 is an AI overhaul modification (Script or Mod) that aims to change the feel of combat in a PvE environment.

What does Vcom AI 3.0 offer?


For starters, Vcom AI 3.0 offers a noticeable increase of performance over its older counter-part, Vcom AI 2.81.

Functions on a group based FSM system, instead of an individual AI system. Allowing for better FPS, control, and cohesion with AI.

Removed fluff and unnecessary code from Vcom AI 2.81, making the mod/script much more focused.


Use the Userconfig file to modify Vcom AI to your liking, or if CBA is running you can modify the settings in-game and on the fly.

Advanced AI Direction and Threats

-AI will clear garrisoned buildings

-AI will automatically generate waypoints for more interesting and varied combat (AI will not do this if they have certain pre-placed waypoints or more than 1 move waypoint)

-AI move dynamically from cover to cover while following waypoints

-AI will call for on-map artillery for support

-AI will call for reinforcements proportional to the enemy threat

-AI will garrison structures temporarily in combat, if able

-AI will look for nearby static weapons to man

-AI will automatically deploy/pack static weapons

-AI will use satchels to drop buildings, or setup traps for enemies

-AI will use mines to on roads, in buildings, or wherever, to stop enemy movement

-AI will change formations depending on the environment

-AI will attempt to heal themselves or others when out of combat

-AI will attempt to rearm themselves from dead bodies, vehicles, and etc when low

-AI will steal empty or unlocked vehicles

-AI have a chance to ragdoll when shot, causing them to fall over briefly

-AI have an enhanced ability to hear and respond to gunfire from a distance

-AI will respond differently from a weapon that is suppressed or not

-AI on a hold waypoint will garrison a structure indefinitely, or until provided another order

-AI, with NVGs, will be able to see your IR laser and respond accordingly. Be careful where you point that thing!

-AI can have side based/classname based skill settings.

Ease of use

Vcom AI is easy to use. Install it, throw some units down, and go. It supports AI being spawned in dynamically, so there is no worry about needing to execute the code on every freshly spawned AI.

To manage specific AI group behaviors, simply use these commands listed below.

(group this) setVariable ["VCM_NOFLANK",true]; //This command will stop the AI squad from executing advanced movement maneuvers.
(group this) setVariable ["VCM_NORESCUE",true]; //This command will stop the AI squad from responding to calls for backup.
(group this) setVariable ["VCM_TOUGHSQUAD",true]; //This command will stop the AI squad from calling for backup.
(group this) setVariable ["Vcm_Disable",true]; //This command will disable Vcom AI on a group entirely.
(group this) setVariable ["VCM_DisableForm",true]; //This command will disable AI group from changing formations.
(group this) setVariable ["VCM_Skilldisable",true]; //This command will disable an AI group from being impacted by Vcom AI skill changes.

Known Issues

-AI's with mortars will still attempt to deploy the mortar INSIDE a structure.

-You must enable -filepatching on your server/machine if you want the userconfig folder to work. Not doing this may result in an error message.

6 Σεπ στις 11:32
Sniper Engage Debug Error
29 Ιουν στις 19:25
Getting an error message
29 Ιουν στις 11:34
bots shoot automatic fire
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Sgt Smash 5 ώρες πριν 
Is there a setting that lowers the chance of ai from just sitting inside cars and not getting out when being shot at?
󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡 13 Οκτ στις 15:53 
I NEED 3.2.2 lol
Twitch->EllmansWorld 11 Οκτ στις 10:52 
Does the commands to disable VCOM on specific groups not work?
I've tried to execute them as Zeus in the execute window when editing a unit. (Using Achillies)
DJ 10 Οκτ στις 17:24 
How do I make this mod work? I'm in game and I can't make my guys auto heal each other.
Captain Jin 5 Οκτ στις 10:42 
How does the AI behave in terms of conflicting systems when used with ACE? I know medical, mortars, and a few other things might conflict, but I'm not certain if there are any problems
Sam 1 Οκτ στις 6:25 
I've never used this mod. Looks good. Is there any way to adjust the AI skills?
Du 27 Σεπ στις 3:27 
@Coy74 thx
Coy74 23 Σεπ στις 7:36 
experimental improvements to AI driving activated this causing the freezing problem
HalfdeadKiller 22 Σεπ στις 17:33 
Any idea on integrating some form of this mod?
Khorne Flakes 22 Σεπ στις 11:22 
@I-Q Hey thanks for letting me know a couple mods that do work with Vcom. :) Mods like the UNSC(halo) have errors when used alongside it, but honestly I'll take smarter AI with a little less content than dumb AI with more content any day.