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AI: No More Joining Factions While at War
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AI: No More Joining Factions While at War

This mod makes a small change in the defines that does not allow the AI to join a faction when you go to war with them. Simple enough.


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BordoBeret 14 Σεπ στις 9:43 
This mod doesnt work
tobyvandenberg 10 Σεπ στις 15:11 
just tried it, i was romania vs. bulgaria which worked but when i tried yugoslavia they called great brittain and france to attack me immediately
connordl 5 Σεπ στις 18:13 
thank you, now i can actually recreate the soviet bloc's iron curtain
Itallix™  [Δημιουργός] 5 Σεπ στις 15:47 
@kaneeden, I figured it wouldn't work in MD just because of the heavy amounts of scripts that are in the mod.
Michael Jordan 5 Σεπ στις 12:14 
no shit it doesnt work in millenium dawn
kaneeden 5 Σεπ στις 10:51 
in Millenium Dawn it still doesnt work. in road to 56 all is fine. in OWB it works most times beside canaan, i think its because of scripted outcomes.
kaneeden 1 Σεπ στις 2:42 
Thank you for looking into it, i´ll give it a try :)
Itallix™  [Δημιουργός] 31 Αυγ στις 15:49 
I just added 10+ big mods to the dependencies list to hopefully allow the mod to actually overwrite the mods instead of being overwritten.
Itallix™  [Δημιουργός] 30 Αυγ στις 5:35 
@kaneeden, I run the mod with Road to 56 and it works perfectly. No other problems. It makes me wonder if MD changes the file that I changed for the mod to be itself. If the mod doesn't work, its because a mod you are using is overwriting it. I'm going to try a possible solution when I wake up.
kaneeden 29 Αυγ στις 23:20 
@Itallix™ Are you running your mod alongside any other (if so pls tell us which are compatible in your eyes) ? And did you try major mods like OWL and MD ? I think ppl complaining about the mod not working are referring to an earlier post where someone stated it works with MD and OWL but obviously it can´t.