ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Oz-Ark Patreon Server Extra Mods
These are the extra mods needed to join the OzArk Patreon Server. You must be a patron of Oz-Ark to join

The server runs on The Volcano map, and is an extra build server, so people can get creative :D

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Erstellt von Swords
[img] [/img]

This is Bob
Bob look like new player 24/7
Bob punch and run like human
Bob throw rock
Bob no wear armor
Bob no use weapon
Bob no speak
Bob favorite food in order mutton, para kibble, , hu...
Erstellt von dubCUT

  • Three Wooden Bridge Structures with Railings
  • Two Stone Bridge Structures with Railings
  • Two Metal Bridge Structures with Railings

  • All can be res
Bunn3h's Natural Scenery
Erstellt von Ninja Bunn3h
MOD ID: 1315585099

A stackable and clean mod, "Bunn3h's Natural Scenery" features natural yard decorations to enhance landscapes. PVP friendly, items are not unbreakable...
eco's Aberration Decor
Erstellt von eco
MOD ID: 1266909337

Craft and plant trees, rocks, bushes, and more to create your own Aberration paradise!

100% Stackable mod.


All items can
Erstellt von Mamo
Mamo Ruins V1.3
100% Stackable | ID:680798000

Note: Discontinued Mod!

- Craft and place Ruin Structures to build a House or decorate your Server.
  • All Items can be picked
MRRadTools.INC Content Pack
Erstellt von MRRadioactiv

Note: Before making a bug report test the mod in Singleplayer or a locally hosted server!
If it works there but not on your dedicated server, then the problem is that the mod is not fully installed o
[Discontinued] Pimp My Home Building Parts
Erstellt von Thorwal
Build a base with new modern concrete elements. New walls, windows, doors, stairs etc. More than 50 new items. MOD ID: 916205675

[Discontinued] Planting
Erstellt von Thorwal
Decorate your Base with Plants and Trees. Most of the Trees can be switch between Summer and Autumn. Every Plant and Tree is resizeable. If you like this Mod, please Thumbs up ;-) MO...
Simple Spawners
Erstellt von darklore
Spawn creatures, harvestable resources, loot crates, or nests anywhere!
Make your own biomes! Customize ANY map however you want to!

This mod:
- Adds creature spawners that spawn creatures (including modded ones!) in an area, or globally!
Spawnable Floating Islands
Erstellt von Midnightxrush
And if you want to support the mod, don't forget to like/favorite!
Mod ID:1297900955

This island is spawnable anywhere you choose, Build what you can imagin. Lot of Options on the island...
The Volcano
Erstellt von Sicco0803
Welcome to The Volcano

Current Version: 3.2.1

Map ID: 715028562
Map Name: TheVolcano

This map is complete content wise, i will still support the map with improvments and fixes.
The map is fully playable, here the features which are currently in.
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