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Nightshade Malevolence
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Broken Twilight
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Stargazer's Curiosity
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Frostborn Mage
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Cicatrix Regalia
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The Virulent Mother
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The Frozen Lotus
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King of the Radiant Dunes
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Feathery Soul
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Regalia of the Ill Wind
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Scarlet Avenger
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Ventossa's Resolve
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Unhallowed Vestments
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Remnants of Nian
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Moon Shard Aria
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Might of the Earth
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Hallowed Essence
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Warden Of The Grasslands
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Seeker of Mystical Echoes
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11 commentaires
Just Kidding 18 juil. 2016 à 1h39 
god of iteams LUL
Mingsplosion 26 mars 2016 à 4h27 
Very League of Legends-like. A bit more flamboyant than most Dota 2 sets. Still very well crafted.
!HeNRy` 20 janv. 2016 à 3h00 
Epic Set^^
MissClaire 8 déc. 2015 à 22h48 
Nice work! :)
фреш мид чин чопа 4 nov. 2015 à 9h12 
Good work man)) Good Vengeful and Lanaya sets
Spoil.Dx2 16 oct. 2015 à 1h14 
FIRIKA 19 sept. 2015 à 7h21 
CM SO CUTE........AW NC WORK BRO :shigure2:
Cripper 17 août 2015 à 5h42 
i cant find a word how to say how amasing ur works are.
IkTes 13 août 2015 à 23h19 
Amazing sets are here, some of them are already adde, so ADD OTHERS!!
GYK 27 juil. 2015 à 9h03 
Very nice work. Can't wait!