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This mod isn't meant to be played, its only for people that want a map with no nations on but still with states and supply areas and etc. for modding or whatever.

- Nations owning states or controlling them
- Cores
- Demilitarised areas

- Nation files (national focuses or whatever)
- States
- Supply areas
- Strategic areas

You can use this mod to make your own total conversions or whatever without credit
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22 déc. 2019 à 6h41
Focus Trees When?
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186 commentaires
Kaiser Wilhelm Society 21 sept. 2019 à 9h24 
Can you make one with all germany? :steamhappy:
BlazeHunter55 20 sept. 2019 à 2h43 
This is what globalism does to us folks
TravisT 13 juil. 2019 à 19h53 
up date pls
Listerin 10 juil. 2019 à 7h19 
Very peacefull mod 10/10
donyat  [créateur] 24 mai 2019 à 8h05 
I haven't had the motivation chance to update this in a while so here are the steps needed to replicate this mod:

- Get a program that can mass-replace text in files (I used Notepad++ for this)
- Find and replace 'owner = ***' with nothing in every file in the history/states/ folder
- Repeat with different lines (e.g. add_core_of = ***) through the state files and other files.

HoI IV will crash/not-work-properly when states have no owners, so it is recommended to create a placeholder nation if you want to test anything. Choosing a scenario other than the default one whilst a state is not owned crashes the game for example.

In order to have a state not controlled by any nation, some mods use a Terra nullius 'nation' that can't be interacted with, though it's a bit of a hack and I wouldn't recommend doing something like this unless it's absolutely necessary to have uncontrolled land (e.g. for colonisation).
meyerplayer 21 mai 2019 à 14h02 
hey... or whatever
Marty 14 mars 2019 à 9h24 
Given that man the guns apparently added bunch of states this could really need an update since now bunch of countries are back on the map.
Papkin 9 mars 2019 à 15h13 
update pls
SuperToughBigBoi 9 mars 2019 à 14h53 
too many nations to keep track of