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ROC Project : Republic of China(Taiwan) Armed Forces
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8. maj 2017 kl. 20:17
7. aug. kl. 9:21
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ROC Project : Republic of China(Taiwan) Armed Forces

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Beskrivelse ROC Project : Republic of China(Taiwan) Armed Forces
This still in early development, please let us know any issue to make our mod better and better!


This mod provide basic set of Republic of China(Taiwan) Armed Forces.


- Several Accurate uniforms in various camo patterns. Include ERDL, Digital Camo and Marine Tiger Stripe.


- CM33 "Clouded Leopard" 8X8 IFV with RCWS.
- M113 with M2 and MK19.


-Small arms: T65K2, T91, T85 and FN minimi
-Launchers: M72A2


Subscribe to the mods of your choice and they will be kept up to date by the Steam Worshop updater.


If you want attach accessories form other mods on rifle, you need "ASDG Joint Rails" mod.

All firearms are compatible with ACE and RHS magazines since v0.3.2.2, and it means you may need these two mod to run the mod.
If you don't run ROC mod without ACE or RHS, just go to the addon directory and remove the compatible pbo file.

7.Known issue
-CM33's interior texture not implement yet.
-M72A2 shown expended when AI carry it.

I know some may concern, here is not the place to discuss political issue
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67 kommentarer
Alpha Bridge 16. nov. kl. 13:45 
FLag plss :3
Harshey ᵔᵜᵔ 8. nov. kl. 19:49 
Should make the flag too. The sun always was an appealing look.
狂戰士 17. okt. kl. 5:51 
優質 給予支持~
Dave Wang  [ophavsmand] 7. aug. kl. 22:33 
To those murmuring ppl, please do not make things political.:steamfacepalm:
And then the PLA still have no capability to land on any shore of Taiwan.
We will keeping that way.:steamhappy:
斬服少年21號 7. aug. kl. 11:44 
Jeguk 7. aug. kl. 11:19 
I really hope this amazing mod gets improved and gets more content, units and weapons added... :)
szdavidfree 29. maj kl. 20:23 
We need M1A2X mod.
Alecont 2. maj kl. 21:57 
Hello, are you interested in exchanging any assets?
TW-打劫貓~ 1. maj kl. 20:47 
sokeley 28. apr. kl. 8:27