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LW2 Information Display
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Jun 6 @ 2:45pm
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LW2 Information Display

Adds Vigilance and Force Level (FL) display and makes the enemy strength provide numbers rather than just an uninformative word description.

FL is the tech level of the aliens.
Vigilance is used to determine which missions spawn and cause the ADVENT to move strength into that region.

Options located in the XComGame.ini file.

Compatibility information: Overrides
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=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil Jun 11 @ 7:25am 
Lw2 increased timers, and default extra turns depending on size of map.. It sounds a little too much, but pretty close to Max I think I've seen
Albab Jun 10 @ 6:46pm 
@notgreat I figured as much, thanks for the reply!
notgreat  [author] Jun 10 @ 12:54pm 
AFAIK there's absolutely no way this mod can even affect anything in the tactical layer at all, so it's not this one.
Albab Jun 10 @ 3:54am 
Thanks for the mod notgreat.

I'm troubleshooting and trying to find out which mod is breaking timers. Tbh I doubt it could be this mod but I can't be 100% certain. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered a strange timer bug where it gives you 16-22 turns for missions.

I have no mods that affect timer values aside from LW2. I do have 200 mods running but I am confident they are not to blame simply because I completed LW2 with them active on veteran a month or so ago. I'm on Legendary btw, first mission after GC (infiltration amount doesn't appear to have any influence on the value shown on the geoscape screen or when I start the mission proper).

Sorry for the essay! (Nothing on Google/discussions board)
notgreat  [author] Jun 8 @ 12:25pm 
Not only have I considered it, I'm actually using it myself. In my personal game I've set ADD_ENEMY_NUMBERS to false and am using the .int file modifications.
Sadly I could not find any way for a mod to override another mod's .int files. I thus decided to make adding the numbers the default that could be disabled.

While that part of the mod could be replicated via .int modifications, the other aspects (the vigilance display primarily) can't.
Zyxpsilon Jun 8 @ 10:11am 
@Dragon32, this mod has some relatively simple UC scripts to deal with custom UI strings structure(s) & is also.. exploiting Localization principles to acquire HUD components.

While it's true that *some* assets could be done via indirect LOC methods -- not everything can be achieved without such pseudo-override scripts.
Dragon32 Jun 8 @ 4:27am 
Hello. Over in the Discussion thread for -bg-'s Show Infiltration percentage in Squad Select [DKZ] TeamX76 mentioned they were "getting the values duplicated under the mission briefing, e.g "Extremley Light (6-9) (6-9)"." As [DKZ] TeamX76 was running both this mod and that mod.
-bg- replied with "every thing [LW2 Information Display] does can be done by modifying localization files"

Not sure if you've thought of doing things that way, notgreat?
Weimond Jun 7 @ 11:45pm 
So the more vigilance the more will the situation deteriorate in that region?
Zyxpsilon Jun 6 @ 9:52pm 
I've never tried adding "\n" tricks to this particular Button context (although i wrote a lot of such Line-Feeds for LAByrinth with it) -- but i'll test some stuff around from here. I agree the GFX/Flash in use for those is complex & relatively difficult to manage or edit for specific needs.. even LW2 staff did a lot of tricky adjustments to squeeze their assets into the area.
TrackTwo mentionned there might be an indirect code way to create alternate functions & components that could use a compatible Listener to do what i wish for.. but i woudn't even know where to begin. Thus why i asked if you'd have some hints for it.
Oh well.. maybe some day. Thanks anyway.
notgreat  [author] Jun 6 @ 7:52pm 
Easy if you want just the line... but a lot harder if you want the button to expand to contain the text, unfortunately. Add "\n" to the .int file if you want to see what it looks like. It's pretty bad.

It should be possible to do something by changing the height of the button manually or something, but XCOM2's UI code is painful to work with.