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[LW2] Void Specialist
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[LW2] Void Specialist

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It has been quite sometime since I've last updated a mod for XCOM 2. So given that Long War 2 is now a thing and holy hell it is quite overwhelming at times. I've decided to give one of my favourite class an update: Void Specialist.

Known Issues (That is out of my abilities to solve, if anyone can point me in the right direction, it'll be much appreciated!)
- Spectre Phantom's death is counted as a 'Dead Soldier'
- Void Zombies' death is ALSO counted as a 'Dead Soldier'
- The Soldier's pose
- The stat screen doesn't display soldier's PSI Offense Stat unique to Psi Operatives
- Remove Projection doesn't remove Spectre's projection. It's only a visual bug as the game will still count it as dead. Spectre will disappear if killed by other means.

Remaining bugs such as 'Infinite Charges', 'Invincible Spectre' and a bunch of other stuff should be fixed.

Class Introduction:
Ever wanted a 'Magician' Class for XCOM 2? Or have you ever wanted an alternative to the LW 2 version of Psi Operatives? Introducing 'Void Specialist'! A class that uses a VOID Amps as a Primary Weapon! This class is basically inspired by my own game weaved into XCOM.

Do note that Void Specialists comes with their OWN version of Psi Amps called 'Void Amps'.
The final tier 'Magnus Void Amp' can be obtained after researching Gatekeeper's Autopsy.

Main Differences from Non LW2 Version:
LW 2 Void Specialist abilities has been buffed in general to suit the harder environments of LW2.
Void Return & Discharge are the standard abilities of Void Specialists and they each have 2 turn cooldown.

- Void Return's Damage is pegged to LW2's Main Weapon Tiers (Ballistic, Magnetic & Plasma - No Coil/Laser), but with a different spread. The aim is now calculated through standard aim instead of melee. Void Return now acts like a projectile, can target both Organic and Mechanical Enemies. Very low chance to deal disorientation.

- Discharge now deals GUARANTEED damage like Combat Protocol. Damage is pegged to Combat Protocol. 2 Turns Cooldown. Very low chance to deal Stun.

If you'll like to know more information on what has changed as well as a FULL DESCRIPTION of all the abilities, do check out this post!

NEW Abilities:
Over here I'll place an excerpt for all the new abilities added.

Mind Purge - Removes all Mental ailments from an ally.

Suspension - Place an enemy/ally under stasis. Enemies OR Allies under Suspension will heal for +3 HP.

Target Assessment - Taken from my Lone Wolf Class. This ability marks all enemies in radius, increasing your aim by 15. Target Assessment also results in enemy rupture by 2 damage. 3 time use only.

Possession - Like Domination except for Mechanical Enemies. Possession allows you to permanently take control of a mechanical enemy. Chance of possession is calculated by your Hack Stat vs enemies Hack Defense Stat. Failure to possess will incur a 3 turn cooldown.

Void Corruption - For the opportunistic cost of giving up AOE attacks that can hit mechanical enemies as well, you have access to a slightly more powerful Single Target Psionic Attack with a measly 3 turn cooldown. Also comes with a 50% chance of stunning an opponent! The downside is that Void Corruption will only work on ORGANIC targets.

Irregularity - It works similar to Void Rift in concept but quite different. Irregularity comes in 2 stages. It has a 6 turn cooldown.

- Stage 1 of Irregularity will deal normal AOE damage to all units caught in the field.

- Stage 2 of Irregularity will occur ONE TURN LATER which will deal another weaker AOE damage to all units caught AND deal either: Disorientation/Panic/Mind Control. Irregularity Stage 2 also has a slightly higher chance of causing Mind Control compared to Void Rift's Insanity. It will also deal SIGNIFICANT AOE Environmental damage. All structures & cover caught within the orb WILL BE OBLITERATED! Be warned!

That's all! If you have bugs or issues with this mod. Do leave a comment as I have only extensively tested it in Debug Mode on some of the missions. Have yet to bring it for a full spin on a campaign. Unfortunately I'll be away for a few weeks so I won't be able to update this mod or read your comments. But once I'm back, I'll be sure to read all the comments and fix the bugs - If it's in my ability to do so.

Hope you enjoy!
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Jun 24 @ 10:37pm
PINNED: LW2 Void Specialist Abilties
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2012grievesj Jun 27 @ 1:12am 
The best thing to do would be reach out to other modders. Ekscom overcame that issue to make a new primary weapon, so maybe chat to him.
Raze  [author] Jun 24 @ 10:37pm 
I'm not really certain how I would go around rigging poses as I don't really have time for that. Same goes for the psi weapon in terms of the animations as much as it sounds awesome unfortunately. :(
Hunter Jun 21 @ 11:34pm 
About the pose...
Maybe the unnarmed pose from HQ animations?
Dunno about the combat pose... maybe behind cover... but i guess is mostly related to the weapon in question.
If you can animate both low cover and full cover pose to match... than this mod would be even awesome.
Or... just make a new psi weapon... a primary one... one that matches the big hands like the primary pistols...
Would still function like a psi amp, but the "holding invisible rifle" stance would be less weird. ^^
(I had to rewrite the messages a couple of times... no edit configuration for steam, sadly.)
Raze  [author] Jun 20 @ 5:48am 
That... Sounds pretty interesting.
Legion Cynex Jun 18 @ 12:49am 
Funny, I was gonna make a "revamped" of this class, where it removes the gremlin and gives him a void sowrd. (From the Weapons pack) and his blade and his psi-powers combine.
Raze  [author] Jun 17 @ 9:35pm 
Interesting idea. But I'm thinking of an ability geared more towards the gremlin :D
Pluvia Jun 17 @ 4:55am 
Hey what about this for a third Master Sergeant ability; Kill (can be called Death Bringer or something).

Basically, once per mission, the Void Specialist can target an enemy and kill them immediately.

Seeing as though it's Master Sergeant and you need to give up the other 2 abilities that doesn't sound that broken to me. It's basically just one guaranteed kill a mission, but that could just be something like an Advent Officer. Even if you use it on Sectopods you can still come across missions with more than one Sectopod, and things like Andromedons have 2 lives so it wouldn't even be that good on them.
Legion Cynex Jun 17 @ 2:54am 
Sweet!, take your time Raze!
Raze  [author] Jun 17 @ 2:01am 
Not much unfortunately as I have other stuff going on. Whenever I have time I'll make small progress.
Legion Cynex Jun 16 @ 5:40am 
Hows the mod going?