Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster

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Australian Outback
I made an Australian themed boomerang coaster and enjoyed it so much I decided to continue with the same theme and make a few blueprints! I will add more... So far there are two flat rides, a sports bar & grill and rollercoaster. I hope you enjoy! Please check each workshop item for placing instructions
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Croc Creek (Overpower)
Created by Floss
Spin, hang and get soasked while being suspended over a creek full of crocs!

Overpower flat ride & queue decorated in an Australian outback theme.

This item goes with other items on my workshop :)

the queue is 3m

**You must disable collision...
Waltzing Matlida (Hyperspin)
Created by Floss
Hyperspin flat ride & queue in Australian outback theme (goes with collection) when placing, lower so the ride floor is flush with the ground...
Sports Bar & Grill
Created by Floss
Sit back enjoy local tucker and watch live Aussie Rules on the screens!

Sports Bar & Grill in the Australian outback. It's inspired by Australian beach cafes.

To place, make sure the ground floor shops are ground level

Please disable collision ...
Pond with crocodiles
Created by Floss
Australian outback themed pond, complete with crocodiles! Goes with other items in my workshop...
Outback (Boomerang Coaster)
Created by Floss
Navigate your way through the Australian outback through croc creek, aboriginal art and a forest fire!

Compact ride blueprint with over 20 triggered events

To place please disable collision and lower it using the advanced move tool (x) to the level...
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Miss Mika Jun 18, 2018 @ 3:15am 
this does an Aussie proud, nice job!