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(animated) ECO-3 Wind turbine
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Mar 23 @ 11:48am
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(animated) ECO-3 Wind turbine

This wind turbine is heavily inspired by the wind turbines found around belgium. The ECO-3 windturbine, while a little bit smaller than the usual one. Generates as much power as the standard wind turbine, while taking up less space on the map.

I made this because i was bored with the vanilla game wind turbine, and i wanted to challenge myself a bit. This is the result, a complete custom built wind turbine.

This is my work, you are not allowed to edit this and republish it. You are free to edit it as long as you keep it to yourself.

1024x1024 texture size
1300 tri's

LOD: 934 tri's
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Jones 77 Sep 25 @ 7:17pm 
flexiedexie Jun 18 @ 12:24pm 
Looks great! But in my game they also don't change direction with the wind...
JoeZuCK May 30 @ 3:50am 
Is it me, or don't these wind turbines change when wind direction change. All other turbines do in my game.
Moufle Man Apr 20 @ 11:28am 
- I think you made a comment where you say you cannot make turbine taller (?!) I don't think it is really necessary but I would suggest to make them more "slim". For me they look very fat :) The size of the rotor compare to the hight is correct, you would suggest to make to tower diameter smaller and the nacelle (between the tower and rotor) smaller. Google like Vestas V112 or Siemens 2.3MW or Senvion so you have a better idea what looks like on-shore turbine all over europe (and I guess US too)
Again thank you for your good job and the time you spend on it ;)
Moufle Man Apr 20 @ 11:28am 
Nice Job !! But as a wind turbine technicien may I give you some improvement you should do to make theme more realistic ??! (even if they are already more realistic than the original version's game)
- The rotor rotation on all over the world wind turbines is always running on the same way (clock wise if we stand in front of the turbine), so it correct on your model :)
- The blades on your model are "pitched" 180°, there is a leading and a trailing edge on a blade but you turn them wrong
Leon Quin Apr 9 @ 7:15am 
First thought when I saw this was "Oh it's like the wind turbines near me." I live in Belgium.
N99024 Mar 29 @ 2:03pm 
@smacchus just look at the angle, turbines can spin in a few ways it just depends on the fact that they are angled correctly so when facing the wind, they spin based on that.
Potato Mar 29 @ 6:09am 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Martin MacFLY Mar 29 @ 3:43am 
great work! it would be awesome to have turbines like in germany (those macawrakka posted..) but you have to look for the height. The highest models are about 200m ;)
smacchus Mar 28 @ 5:40pm 
Nice work bro!
However... looking at the vid, they seem to be spinning the wrong way round.