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Random Country Placement
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Random Country Placement

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Random Country Placement
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Randomizes country placement, resources, manpower, production, infrastructure, ideologies, stockpiles.
Removes vanilla focuses, events, ideas, generals, leaders, ministers, factions, claims.

Countries start with identical national unity, sets of ministers, focuses, technologies, research slots.
Countries start with a random amount of states, ranging from 1 to a lot.
States get base infra + random infra, random manpower (islands get less), random resources, a chance to get an airbase; VPs are redone: there is 1 VP that costs 1 for each state.
There's an additional branch in generic focus tree that allows player and AI to get claims at neighbour nations.
World tension generation is rebalanced.

Works in MP (to ensure compatibility create save in SP and load in MP)

Does NOT work with other mods

*Resource are to appear after the first tick of gametime
**Factories are to appear after the first tick of gametime
***Equipment stockpile is to appear after the first tick of gametime (though you can doubleclick on rifle stockpile)

AI is modified for the needs of the mod

ver. 0.5
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Spotlight of "Random Country Placement"
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kaphelps100 Sep 15 @ 4:00pm 
Where is the link?
Novakk Bey Sep 13 @ 12:07pm 
Random Color?
ScipiOG Sep 13 @ 11:50am 
I love this mod. After several campaigns in the regular game I was dying for a sandbox version. I spent hours browsing the community hub looking for ways to do just this. Then I stumble on this mod here. It has replaced 10-15 mods all by itself. The replay value is great, the random factor of the political sphere and size of nations is just fantastic. While It does say "Does NOT work with other mods" I have found a few mods that function just fine with this one.
They are:

100% Non-Core Manpower
Custom Difficulty+
Destroy Factions with Members
Dynamic Country Colors
Improved Conscript Laws
Lower Inf costs
No Guaranteeing(kind of made the game boring)
No a.i unit spam
No Resistance

Thanks for the mod!!
That guy from Seinfeld Aug 29 @ 12:03pm 
Will this be updated?
Lt.Hartmann Aug 18 @ 10:42am 
@M1903, Will we ever see relasable nations in the randomizer? It would be pretty hilarious to see Super Israel or a non alligned Vietnam.
UNITED-STATES-EMPIRE!!! Aug 17 @ 2:39pm 
yessss fianlly, oh thank you man, your the best, this is so scool,
GreenIsTheBest Aug 16 @ 4:00am 
it would be possible to get some compatibility patch with road to 56 ?
Walter O'Cash Aug 13 @ 5:53pm 
Will this mod ever be compatible with millenium dawn?
That guy from Seinfeld Aug 12 @ 2:09am 
Are you retarded?The countries have different locations which is obviously why Focus Trees won't work. The author made a new Generic one for All of the Countries so obviously if you use a Nation Focus Tree mod,it won't work
Ruskii Aug 11 @ 8:48pm 
shit... Wait a second. Is it working with custom Generic Focus Tree? (focus trees to countrys which don't have it)

If not, I will blow you