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GCCM Main [Updated for Norsca patch]
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Mar 5, 2017 @ 6:43am
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GCCM Main [Updated for Norsca patch]

Map making competition

The 28 of September marks the release of Total War Warhammer 2 and with it the addition of 4 new races, which we are super hyped about. We're really looking forward to working with all the new assets to create new custom settlement maps for all the races.
We are therefore proud to pronounce the first GCCM map competition to celebrate all the new shiny stuff that we'll get to play with!

The rules are simple, use the map making tool Terry to make a custom city map for one of the 4 new races. For this competition we will have a public vote, where the winner will receive a DLC of their choice (either TWW1 or a future TWW2 DLC). The duration of the competition will be from the release of TWW2 until the 21 October 24:00 CET, at which point the map will have to have been uploaded to steam. You can participate without letting us know, but we would love to know, so please go into our newly created patreon page and let us know that you are participating (you can participate, win, and vote regardless of being patron or not). We will try to reach out to as many people entering the competition and bring the public some sneak peeks of the work in progress.

Note, if CA does not release the new tools for Terry on release, we will atempt to release it to be used in this competition as soon as possible after Total War Warhammer 2 release, and delay the competition apropriately.
We will of course not be participating in the competition ourselves.

New Patreon account
Hello everyone! We have decided to open a Patreon community page for the Grand Campaign Custom Maps - GCCM mod(s). The last half year has been a wonderful ride, we started out with Terry being launched around February, which sparked something in us.
On the 5th of March we started something that really connected well with the broader gamebase of Total War Warhammer, the mod "Grand Campaign Custom Maps", or what later became known as GCCM. At the time of creation, we didn’t have a clear idea of what we wanted to do with the mod or how to guide it in the different directions we chose. The mod has grown tremendously in scope since then, and the community support has been overwhelming.

We feel like we and the map making community have learned a lot, and that we can provide a solid alternative to CA's settlement maps and introduce a much greater variety. We have therefore decided to create this patreon account for the future support of the GCCM mod and the map making community. See the Patreon link in the bottom of the page!

New Features
Walls can now be used by cavalry or artillery on selected maps, check out the Kraka Drak map and let us know what you think of this function! Also we got re-texturing on buildings, this has been done on the Fort Ostrosk map, yet another function not provided by CA's vanilla terry software. (Siege were not possible either 3 months ago, but that has not stopped us as you might noticed!!!)

New Maps out
Check out this new map by Maruka
Fort Ostrosk (GCCM)

Also have a look at this one from the cold north by Frodo
Kraka Drak, the Dragon Hold

AND this one is not bad either, by Kazad:
Bordeleaux, Chateau of Mannan (GCCM)

The Grand Campaign Custom Maps mod (GCCM)
This mod bundles the work of map-makers into the grand campaign. The intention is that major/minor custom settlement maps will replace all the major/minor settlement battles in the game. More maps than we can count are included ;) and more are coming!

SUBSCRIBE to this mod and the REQUIRED ITEMS

With the Main mod installed and and these 6 map packs enabled in the launcher you are ready to go - nothing else! The files are big, so make sure its all downloaded before you post a comment!

We would appreciate a upvote, a favorite or a comment if you enjoyed the mod! Please remember that the mod's future depends on people using it and being active around its community, furthermore does it help convince map makers that it's an attractive way of showcasing their maps.

Important notes
Conquer all factions mods can be used, but will not give custom maps for most battles as maps are race and setlements specific coded in this mod! This means that Dwarfs holding Altdorf will provide a standard map and not a custom.

Please read the FAQ before posting
Link to the FAQ

Note on the great maps in this mod
The maps were not all created by the developers of this mod. The contributor list in the right panel shows the people contributing to this mod. We have integrated the maps of these wonderful people into map packages to lower the mods needed to be enabled during this mod. What this also means is that the individual map makers won't really notice when you enjoy their map, so if you really enjoy a map be sure to upvote their map and let them know you enjoyed it, it helps to keep people motivated - when they get some love! Note that you can still download the maps individually without it conflicting with this mod!
We try to be selective about the maps we include, but at the same time give constructive feedback and help people make good maps. We have a closed forum and a discord channel, where we share ideas and help each other with different projects.

Map makers
Please contact the modding part of the team, Frodo45127, Maruka or Zoidberg if you'd like to have your mod included in the campaign. General or map design questions can be addressed at the map marker discord channel:
The mod has been a combination of a lot of people contributing, thanks to everyone involved! We hope to see more map makers join the project.

You can support the project on:
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