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Cities: Skylines

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*桜賀* University --14x8
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*桜賀* University --14x8

In 3 collections by Venth
A* Services / エイスター・サーヴィス
44 items
A* Schools / エイスター学校
9 items
*桜賀*学園 / Sakuraga Schools
4 items
<<桜賀大学 / Sakuraga University>>
A-star Services will help to make your city better!

Student capacity: 3,600
Upkeep: 2,000 / week
Cost: 80,000

Smaller size (13x12-->14x8)

Education accumulation: 250
Education radius: 8,000

Water: 50
Electricity: 125
Sewage: 50
Garbage: 40
Uneducated: 0
Educated: 100
Well Educated: 300
Highly Educated: 500

This is another version of 'A* University --14x8':

桜, or sakura, means cherry blossom in Japanese, and 賀, or ga, to celebrate.
'Sakuraga University' does not exist in the real world.

Thanks to Matt Crux for his excellent work ‘Cherry Blossom Tree Child’:

--My Recommendation--
Jul’s very beautiful mod ‘University’:

<<A* Services / エイスター・サーヴィス>>

A* Elementary School –5x4
A* Elementary School ii –4x4
A* High School –8x10
A* University –14x8
A* Faculty –3x4

*桜賀* Elementary School –5x4
*桜賀* Elementary School ii –4x4
*桜賀* High School –8x10
*桜賀* University –14x8

A* Medical Clinic –5x4
A* Hospital –10x8
A* Medical Heliport –12x8
3x4, A* Medical Helipad
A* Medical Laboratory –10x5

A* Cemetery –10x8
A* Crematorium –2x3
A* Cryopreservatory –4x4

A* Police Station –4x3
A* Police Station ii –4x3
12x8, A* Police Helicopter Depot
3x4, A* Helipad for Police
A* Prison –13x8
A* Intelligence Agency –10x8

A* Fire House –4x3
A* Fire House ii –4x3
A* Fire Helicopter Depot –8x11
3x4, A* Helipad for Fire Service

10x8, A* Disaster Response Unit
5x4, A* Disaster Response Team
A* Emergency Shelter –4x4 (for 4,000 people)
A* Emergency Shelter ii –4x6 (for 6,000 people)
A* Emergency Shelter iii –4x8 (for 12,000 people)

A* Metro Station –2x2
A* Goods Station –16x6 (Cargo Train Station, or Freight Station)
A* Goods Station ii –16x6 (Cargo Train Station, or Freight Station)

13x8, A* Geothermal Heating Plant –13x8
A* Pumping Service –4x4

A* Coal Power Plant –4x4
A* Solar Power Plant –8x8
A* Solar Power Plant ii –4x4
A* Nuclear Power Plant –14x8
A* Wave Power Plant –9x4
A* Wind Turbine –3x3

A* Incineration Plant –4x4

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surf2explore May 25 @ 4:47pm 
Great and beautiful, thanks !