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The Polish DLC, despite having many interesting options can quickly become boring, and national focuses from DLC sometimes seem even weaker than those from the overall tree. Poland+ introduces improvements to an already existing scheme by adding new, interesting focuses, and strengthens existing ones to better emphasize Polands new alternative scenarios, while also remaining balanced.

Current content:
  • Fixes bug which causes the eastern part of Poland to be ceded to the Soviet Union if Poland is in an alliance with Germany and Germany has taken the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact national focus
  • Strengthens national focuses related to industry
  • New national focus associated with the extraction of oil in Poland
  • Expanded tree of national focuses for all political choices
  • New national ideas such as: "Between the two powers" and "Cult of the Marshal"
  • Variaty of new events
  • 2 new Tank Divisions on startt
  • Danzig and Opole as a separate regions
  • Increases raw materials from Polish part of Silesia
  • New Generals
  • You can now recreate the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwelth!
  • Historically accurate German Flag
  • New Leaders such as Bolesław Bierut
  • New newspapers pages


Contact e-mail: mrdziurkacz@gmail.pl

Check out my other mods too:

The current version of the mod: 2.0 compatible with version 1.4.1 of HOI

Non-Steam Download

I'm open to suggestions and constructive criticism, while happy to accept any form of assistance in development of this mod. A rating is welcome.

In this mod I implemented my own variation on the alternative history of Poland,
Which does not have to agree with the historical realities in 100%.

!Screenshots were created at an early stage of development and does not fully reflect content of this mod!

And sorry for my English. I'm still learning. :) If you want to help me improve the English version of this mod please post in the comments below.
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Inhalethemeth Aug 20 @ 4:24am 
Mickiewicz Aug 19 @ 1:04am 
Prosiłbym o korektę w angielskiej wersji moda: jest taki focus "Emphasis on Lithuania", 'emphasis' to niewłaściwe słowo, powinno być w tym wypadku napisane "Pressure on Lithuania."
Mikelson1990 Aug 16 @ 1:53pm 
Kiedy Aktualizacja ?
poop joke central Aug 16 @ 7:59am 
lmao i can translate
Dziurkacz  [author] Aug 14 @ 3:15pm 
I will contact with you on priv
taicheesester Aug 14 @ 12:04pm 
Would it be possible to use some of the content of this mod (with attribution, of course!) in my own? I need a more historically accurate Poland and you seem to have already done an excelent job.
Ahmed Alehatematalala Aug 6 @ 4:58pm 
Fajnym pomysłem byłoby wdrożenie nowej partii demokratycznej eNDecji , której głównym przedstawicielem był Romand Dmowski :). A Może mocniejsze rozdzielenie gałęzi nacjonalizmu , faszyzmu , komunizmu i demokracji , a także rozwinięcie dodatkowych focusów w każdej z nich ?
Show bob n vegene pls Aug 5 @ 7:45am 
My dick is big
Dziurkacz  [author] Jul 29 @ 2:01am 
A ja temu gnojowi tłumaczyłem jak sie obrazek do moda dodaje... Napiszcie mu coś ode mnie bo zablokował komunikacje i nie moge mu nawet komentarza strzelić. Oczywiscie zgłoszony jest już do Valve.