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Grimy's Anarchist Class
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Grimy's Anarchist Class

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Anarchist Class
The anarchist is a support class whose primary weapon is a grenade launcher.
This class can carry more grenades than a grenadier, but the grenades deal half damage.
The class is more support focused, capable of hacking, and limited healing, but not quite as good at either as a specialist.

Mod Interactions
The Deep Reserves GTS Perk from my Attrition Mode mod will increase grenade capacity by 1 per slot.

What if I run out of grenades?
I'm personally completely fine with limited ammo playthroughs, but if you're not, you can use my Utility Slot Sidearm mod as a compromise.

Light Ordnance
This is the squaddie level perk
Halves grenade Damage
+2 grenade capacity per slot, allowing the anarchist to carry a total of 6 grenades to each mission.
Provides a single free gas grenade.
The anarchist class is encouraged to use grenades that apply tile effects over ones that destroy cover.

Grenade Shredder
Grenades gain an additional 2 armor shredding and armor piercing

Provides combat protocol ability, if not yet available.
Upgrades combat protocol to disarm enemy weapons.

Deadly Haze
Increase tile coverage from grenades to 100%.
What is tile coverage? When you shoot an acid grenade, normally a certain percent of the tiles get covered in acid. With this perk, all of them get covered in acid. Or fire or poison in the case of other grenade types.
By covering 100% of the tiles in status effects, you can perform area denial, potentially preventing advent from flanking one of your soldiers, or cut them off while you perform a retreat/regroup, etc.

Increase grenade launcher range by 50%.

Deal 2 damage to a unit, if it survives, heal it for 3-9 life.
Can target both allies and enemies.
2 uses per mission.
Also provides the revival protocol ability.

Vile Concoctions
Increase damage DoT damage from grenades by 2.

Hostage Protocol
Provides combat protocol ability, if not yet available.
Upgrades combat protocol to stun an enemy and turn it into high cover for a turn.

The anarchist gains a single use flamethrower.
Unlike the regular flamethrower, this one creates a solid wall of fire that can't be passed without being burned.

GTS Perk: ShellShock
Grenades have a 15% chance to stun robotic and organic enemies
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bookage1 Sep 6 @ 11:35am 
Wotc version pls
4ndras Jul 6 @ 12:37pm 
Nevermind, I was foolish to take the word of comment section idiots for this being compatible. It isn't.
4ndras Jun 30 @ 10:46pm 
For some reason your mods are conflicting with LW2 or something else I have. Which is weird, since it's supposed to be compatible with LW2 and this shouldn't have anything to conflict with... Unless it's just outdated for the purposes of compatibility.
badassgrunt Jun 20 @ 11:53am 
Question: I would like to give my Anarchist a new grenade launcher( The China Lake mod). How would I go about doing that?
aNyyMORE Feb 9 @ 2:57am 
we need and option to configure upgrade slots for grenade launcher, primarry stuck at 1, little ncentive to use class when grenadier with 3/4 upgrades can do same things
cfredx8 Jan 31 @ 11:03pm 
trempercody Jan 24 @ 6:49pm 
Any chance this is compatible with long war 2?
Sunwave Jan 7 @ 4:07am 
Cauterize sometimes doesn't apply the heal, only the damage. This specifically applies to:
- Using cauterize twice in a single turn.
- Using it on yourself.

At least, that is how I experienced it after some very limited experimenting. Sometimes it does work, though, so I'm not sure if there are any other factors.
RambelZambel Dec 19, 2016 @ 5:30am 
so what i did:
downloaded grimys "utilitiy slot sidearms"(for pistol) and "tactical rigging: ammo and grenades"(for extra grenade slot, so he dont loose grenades),
and add in the siedarmsmod ini for pistols some abitlities from the tinkerer class, this u need too,
i add it like this:

i play on legend/commander with a better advent 2, so dont say i cheat:D

i add this many abilities, so the pistol is usefull endgame too
the additional abilities just work for for pistols in utility slots, so dont worry about other classes
u dont need poison grenade anymore cause of the abilitiy poison rain
Warbrand2 Nov 23, 2016 @ 1:14am 
yeah found that out. love the class but it is to limited when used with LW perk pak. that and the lack of a side arm makes it near useless once the grenades run out. cool class but could do with a rework.