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Dinkleberg's TTT Addons/Content
Addons/Textures for those of you missing it on Dinkleberg's TTT Server.
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Dinkleberg's TTT - Icons!
Created by Dinkleberg >:(
Hello players of Dinkleberg's TTT,
You are here if you want to see all the icons correctly and ensure no more purple checkerboards will be seen!
Simply click subscribe and all your dreams will come true!
The Legend of Zelda Link Playermodel
Created by ❤Yuki❤
Link, Wielder of the Master Sword, Hero of The Kingdom of Hyrule.

This Model Features:

• Playermodel
• Ragdoll
• Viewmodel Hands

Bodygroups (weaponle...
STAR WARS Luke Skywalker Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa

Luke Skywalker was a Force-sensitive Human male who helped defeat the Galactic Empire in the Galactic Civil War an...
STAR WARS Darth Vader Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa

Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord, and led the ...
Platinumgames Korra Playermodel
Created by Benno950
The playermodel most of you have been waiting for.

This version of the model is much more different than the one from Here.

Its limited to being on a playermodel rig which is ...
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Daedric Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Daedric Armor is a set of heavy armor available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Extremely heavy, it has the highest armor rating in the base game. The armor set contains five pieces: a helmet, boots, gauntlets, a cuirass and greaves, and an optional...
Corvo playermodel
Created by Alpharius
Corvo, from Dishonored, as playermodel, also ragdoll for your amusement ;)...
GMod Tower: Accessories Pack
Created by MacDGuy
Models/Textures: samm5506, MacDGuy, Mr. Sunabouzu, CaptainBigButt, Vipes, and Dustpup

For more information on the developers, make sure to visit:

***Make sure to give credit to the authors i...
STAR WARS Han Solo and Chewbacca Playermodels
Created by Voikanaa

Han Solo was a Human smuggler from the manufacturing planet Corellia who achieved galactic fame as a member of the...
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dovahkiin Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa

Dovahkiin (aka Dragonborn) from The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
  • Player Model
  • Hands


Models and textures: Bethesda Game Studios
Porting, rigging and compil...
Assassins Creed II: Ezio Auditore Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Ezio Auditore da Firenze (1459 – 1524) was a Florentine nobleman during the Renaissance, and, unbeknownst to most historians and philosophers, the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, a title which he he...
Created by rafuet
A group of experienced thieves have raided a high scraper in order to steal a famous book. However, someone does not want that to happen and starts to pick them off.

I am using workshop ID's in place of fastdl, so if I didn't see it on the workshop, I u...
Created by saintblue52
Welcome human! This map is a full recreation of Undertale's MTT resort, Designed to be played in Sandbox or Trouble In Terrorist Town ga...
[TTT/2] M4 SLAM (Tripmine + Remote C4)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" and "Trouble in Terrorist Town 2" - Gamemodes. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode. It's already included by default under "Half-Life 2" Category.

The M...
Skybox for ttt_skycraftfinal [Texture Fix]
Created by Arczi
Original texture from the map. Subscribe and activate this when you don't have skybox....
MKX: Kitana P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
[Put Any Informating or Fun Description Here]

You now can play with Kitana, the most good person in my list, but well, you know, everyone is dead.

If you say "She got bad phys" the phys are flexibles why this is a ragdoll and P.M. but isn't...
Life Is Strange - Chloe Price (Player Model & NPC)
Created by korka007
Life Is Strange - Chloe Price (Player Model & NPC)
My collection of all models I've made so far My Workshop Collection!
My The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us Collecti...
LOL | Old Headhunter Akali | NPC + Playermodel
Created by Sneglen
I have ported this Akali skin into Garry's mod, because I find the skin good, and also
because the the other Akali's on the workshop look a bit weird.
Zack Halloween Playermodel
Zack Halloween Costume from Dead or Alive 5

Player Model

Viewmodel Arms
Glows in the dark
hat and mantle bodygroups



Models and textures: Team Ninj...
Arkham City Catwoman NPC/playermodel
Created by True
ArkhamCity Catwoman Npc/playermodel
idk if first one, but ill roll with it
A little forewarning, model is low poly, for some reason, nothing i can do


If you like this or any of my others, keep those p...
Predator Player Model
Created by Zombie
Just a ported predator player model from gm12. I take no credit just reuploading....
Ghostface player model (scream)
Created by jonty789
Ghostface player model. It is from the movie called Scream.

To wear it hold C then click on Player Model and click on the ghostface icon one. Reload the map so that you will be wearing it. (only need to be done once) or type kill in the console.

To s...
WoW Models
Created by Rhapsody
Misc models for private server use...
TRON Anon Playermodel
Anon from Tron: Evolution

Player Model

Viewmodel Arms
Colourable Stripes
Disc Bodygroup
Baton Bodygroup


Models and textures: Propaganda Games
Porting, rigging and compiling: Rokay "Rambo"...
TTT Spartan Kick
Created by BocciardoLight

Converted by Porter and reworked by BocciardoLight

Tags: TTT, Traitor, Shop, Item, Sparta, Kick...
Created by Bender180
Hey check out the festive reskin of this map i made for the holidays here:

So this is one of my oldest maps its th...
TTT Homerun Bat
Created by Hagen
This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

Its a HomeRun Bat, you guess what it does. If you hit a Player ist loses 1 Ammo and he will fly away instant...
TTT - The Briefcase
Created by Exho
The Briefcase is a Traitor/Detective weapon that is designed to supply you and anyone around you, with needed ammunition to either save the Innocents or murder them!

***How it works:
When you buy the item, you wont be able to see it until you scroll to...
[TTT Ready] SCP-049 Playermodel
Created by Edyone
Model not made by me, all I've done was adding a hitbox set for shooting-based gamemodes like TTT.

All credits go for FiL0S0V:

Original model:
Harley Quinn Playermodel TTT Hitbox Fix
Created by Hodgy
This is optimal for use in TTT as headshots will actually register as headshots.

This fixes 4 of the hitboxes (Deadpool, Detective, Pirate, Sherrif) from the playermodel pack that is linked below

I take none of the credit for this playermodel. I have...
[JJBA] Giorno Giovanna Playermodel - By Gaara
Created by Gaara (Kronk)
Greetings friends!

Giorno Giovanna is a fan-favorite character, that's for sure! Hope you guys enjoy being able to play as him in Gmod! :)

I have all of the models ready to be ripped, but I don't know if I will get around to them, so feel free to req...
Alucard Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
Alucard from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Related: Dracula Playermodel

• Face and eye posing
- Uses 44 'custom' sliders, so don't try to use the presets un...
Hit Numbers
Created by ief~☆
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:

Russian Roulette Gun
Created by Nicol Bolas
Edited version for Dinkleberg's TTT

Please ignor <3...
Confetti Gun
Created by Spectacular Failure
This addon has had a major overhaul recently, if something isn't working for you let me know. Also note as such the video here is outdated, at some point in the future I will be updating it - sorry I can't give a date but currently uni runs my life.

I m...
[TTT] Better Equipment Menu
Created by Bimser.
Due to a change in the original traitor shop, this only works with a gmod server version newer than Oct. 2017!
[TTT/Sandbox] Riotshield
Created by JKirO
All of my addons are up for adoption.
If you're interested in the continuation of one or more of my projects, please feel free to do so.
You are free to change, add and reupload. However I would greatly appreciate you mentioning me as ori...
TTT Detective Medkit
Created by Nicol Bolas
An edit of the TTT Medkit created by Yashirmare

Heal your friends for 30HP or heal yourself for 20HP.

Fixed the broken icon and made the item detective only....
TTT Detetive Lure
Created by St. Addi
Adds "Call Detective" functionality to the decoy included in TTT by default.

Use the deocy ("weapon_ttt_decoy", included by default in TTT) to call the detective(s) via primary attack (left mouse button). It looks just like a regular call to a players c...
[TTT] Freeze Gun
Created by Bimser.
Tired of the hot Flare Gun? Try it's cool brother, the Freeze Gun!

This weapon freezes it's target so that it can't move, turn around, shoot or basicly do anything.
It doesn't deal any damage.

ttt_freezegun_traitor (def. 1)...
RSB Edit
Created by Nicol Bolas
A very small edit of the original sticky bomb

All credit goes to them, this edit changed nothing but the ability of the bomb to damage through walls for a public server where i...
Stonks TTT [Fixed Hitboxes]
Created by MonkBreath
Original Playermodel:

With fixed hitboxes for multiplayer games such as TTT...
Snoop Dogg
Created by Voikanaa

Snoop Dogg is an American rapper and actor from Long Beach, California. His music career began in 1992 when he was discovered by Dr. Dre of N.W....
Fallout: New Vegas Joshua Graham [PM/NPC]
Created by kuma7
Joshua Graham, from Fallout: New Vegas
Pictures taken in rp_tatooine_dunesea
The face is custom. I used a raider one and modified it a bit.

This upload includes
  • Playermodel
  • NPC
  • Viewmodel
Walter White Playermodel
Created by The Scientist
Hai there!

I didnt see anywhere the model of Mr. White so I picked a random model player to change the material of the head. So i didn't make the model, i don't know who made the model but I changed the head material of the hitman model ( http://www.ste...
[TTT] Traitor Harpoon - Minecraft Trident
Created by Loke
Weapon created with compatibility for Trouble in Terrorist Town

Exported from Minecraft and compiled for use in TTT servers.
When thrown, this weapon will send a trident through the air and kill the first player it hits or impale most surfaces.

Lui Calibre Player Model
Created by Super Chief
Here it is, a Lui Calibre Player Model.

Player model
Eye Posing Feature
Face Posing Feature
Finger Posing Feature

Credits and Huge Thanks To
Rockstar- Clothes, Textures, models
Super Chief- (me) makin...
Deadpool Playermodels TTT Hitbox Fix [Playermodel by Kryptonite]
Created by Hodgy
This is optimal for use in TTT as headshots will actually register as headshots.

This fixes 4 of the hitboxes (Deadpool, Detective, Pirate, Sherrif) from the playermodel pack that is linked below

I take none of the credit for this playermodel. I have...
Doomguy Playermodel Hitbox Fix
Created by Pata
Fixed Hitboxes for our community servers "Stary Dobry"....
Spacesuit Playermodel
Created by Sam
Spacesuit playermodel as seen in the game Fallout 3. Also seen in GMod Tower, Sassilization, and even one of the GMod menu backgrounds....
TTT Detective Playercam
Created by Fresh Garry
If this addon is installed the Dete Playercam will be a byable swep for the detective.
If you shoot a person with it there appears a window at the top left screencorner.
If you open the scoreboard you can drag or close the window.
If you have closed t...
Timewinder Traitor Weapon
Created by Haven King
This traitor weapon lets you set a location to automatically rewind to in up to thirty seconds. A portion of the damage you took will be restored to you when you rewind, letting you keep fighting the good fight if planned correctly.

Primary fire: Make t...
Metal Gear Solid 3: Big Boss Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Big Boss

Big Boss, real name John, also known as Jack, Naked Snake and Punished Snake, was a renowned special forces soldier and mercenary commander. He founded U.S. Army Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND, along with the mercenary companies Mil...
Adrian Shephard (RETEXTURED) playermodel
Created by Bread
♫ Gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John ♫
♫ He claim he has the misery but he's havin' a lot of fun ♫
♫ Oh baby, yeah baby, woo ♫
♫ Havin' me some fun tonight, yeah ♫

Don't use this for RP servers. No matter what you use this for, don't make bank off...
Deus Ex - JC Denton Playermodel
Created by Vipes
In a world where one man wanted orange, society deemed that he got lemon-lime.

Supports Playercolor.

You may NOT sell/profit from this content on your sever! It is neither mine, nor yours to sell. The model and textures belong to [url=http://www.s...
Spiderman Playermodel [Fixed hitboxes]
Created by Buczeq
ogriginal ->

i only added hitboxes so now it has hitboxes

sorry for my engilsh

Good mornigng...
Manny Playermodel Hitbox Fix
Created by Pata
Fixed Hitboxes for our community servers "Stary Dobry"....
[TTT] Crossbow
Created by Nicol Bolas
Crossbow for Dink's TTT...
TTT Rifle Pack
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source (for the hands).

Includes 2 new weapons for the TTT gamemode, both using rifle ammo. All spawn along with other weapons if the current map has random weapon spawns.

Pocket Rifle
A rifle on the secondary weapon slot. Deals sightly ...
Mirrors Edge: Faith Connors Playermodel
Created by Voikanaa
Faith Connors is the primary protagonist in the Mirror's Edge series. An independent young woman, Faith detests the domineering, totalitarian regime that rules the city and the lives of its inhabitants. Faith's attitude towards the government is roo...