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Scaled Leader Capacity Fork
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Scaled Leader Capacity Fork

This mod is a fork of the 'Scaled Leader Capacity' mod by Mike Louis. This one, like that one, addresses the base game's Leader Capacity by introducing a scaling mechanism tied to the capital buildings in your colonies and habitats. However, the numbers in this version are lower than in Mike's.

  • The base Leader Cap is now 8 instead of 6.
  • Leader Scaling increased from 1.25 to 1.4 - this means you can go more over your Leader Cap with reduced penalties.
  • Each Tradition Tree completed now gives an additional +1 Leader Capacity. The exception is the Aptitude Tradition Tree which gives +2 (re-introducing the +1 for 'The Empire Needs You!' Tradition and a further +1 from from completing Aptitude). The 'Ascension' Tradition Trees also do not give any additional Leader Capacity (they're strong enough already)
  • Adds five new technologies which give +1 Leader capacity each.
  • Adds an Edict for +1 Leader cap (at a reasonably high Unity cost).
  • Colony Capital Buildings increase the Leader Cap by +1 per level (starting at Tier 2), so +1/+2 per Building.
  • Habitat Capital Buildings increase the Leader Cap by +1 per level (starting at Tier 2), so +1/+2 per Building.
  • Machine Capital Buildings increase the Leader Cap by +1 per level (starting at Tier 1), so +1/+2/+3 per Building.
  • Hive Capital Buildings increase the Leader Cap by +1 per level (starting at Tier 2), so +1/+2 per Building.
  • The Imperial Palace building (and equivilents) increases the Leader Cap by +5.
  • Bureaucrats, Priests, and Death Priests (Jobs) now provide -10% Empire Size from Colonies.

I continue to look into other methods, such as adding slots based on Empire Size, Sector Capitals, new Buildings, Edicts, and possibly other methods as well, but these just ideas and I can't make any promises. If I find a way to do them, I'll update the mod.
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Spatzimaus Jun 4 @ 11:51pm 
Okay, I copied part of this mod to test the scaling I mentioned; with capital buildings adding 0/0.25/0.5/0.75 (+2 for imperial palace), and it definitely handled the floats fine internally. The UI, of course, just said +0 in the tooltips, but I don't care enough to try hacking that into shape. I also kept the base cap/scaling at 6/1.25, but made the five techs give +2/2/3/3/4 and The Empire Needs You gives +3. (No change to other tradition trees, since I couldn't change trees from other mods, and no specialist change.)
It actually didn't change the cap in my current game by that much, dropping it from 71 to 57, but the progression would probably feel smoother.
Spatzimaus Jun 3 @ 11:45am 
I'd gone into the building file by hand, and the leader cap boost wasn't there. But then I unsubscribed and re-subscribed, and it's now there. So somehow, I got a broken version of the mod when you updated it yesterday.

(Also, in Irony it says this mod conflicts with a few others that modify the capital buildings and such, like Planetary Diversity, so load order is now more important.)

As to the scaling, I do play with unusual settings: huge galaxy, +25% habitable planets, x2 primitives, but 30 empires and 8 fallen empires so you can't expand nearly as far and have to rely more on diplomacy. That's why I suggested dropping the building contribution much further and boosting other contributors; when a new sector's planets all hit 10 pop at around the same time, you see a big jump in leader cap.
Nicho  [author] Jun 3 @ 1:45am 
@Spazimus: Firstly, thank you for the suggestions. Yes, I continue to look into new mechanics for scaling. What you suggest is something I'm considering, but I unfortunately don't have the time to work on this mod extensively.

Regarding the problem of your original comment, I've manually checked the code lines and run checks in Irony MM, and have been unable to replicate the problem you're reporting. Perhaps I should note that not every building gives added cap, only the higher tiers of Capital Buildings.

I agree with the Game Devs' philosophy regarding Leaders; this mod was developed as a way to give players a slight increase on 3.8.1/3.8.2 implementations (with a very small cap), which I regard as being a bit too strict, but 3.8.3 is about right. This mod was never intended with the vast Leader numbers you're fielding; it might not be the best mod for your particular use case, and I'd suggest you look at combining this with something like the +50 Base Leader cap mod.
Spatzimaus Jun 3 @ 1:39am 
Also, a balance suggestion after playing a few games with this mod: the building-related cap boost drowns out all the others. In my current game (Huge map) I have 56 leaders (cap is 71) when 80 years in. Every sector has a governor, each of my 8 fleets has an Admiral, my six army groups have Generals, I have 15 science ships, and my shipyard systems (10 of them) each have a dedicated leader to reduce build cost. It basically removes leader cap as a mechanism once you start getting planetary capitals often, and the small +1s from other sources are basically irrelevant.

I'd suggest +0.5 per capitol level instead of +1, but double the boost for finishing a tradition tree or taking the five techs. You could even go further, and make capitol buildings only give 0.25/0.5/0.75 to make those size jumps less significant. This assumes the game can handle floats for this variable, of course.
Nicho  [author] Jun 2 @ 11:42pm 
Whuuuut?! That definitely shouldn't have happened. Sounds like something has gone wrong somewhere. Hold tight, I'll investigate and correct.
Spatzimaus Jun 2 @ 10:22pm 
From what my conflict solver can see, you removed all of the leader boosts from capital buildings; the only difference between the buildings file and the vanilla is things like using is_megacorp instead of checking for corporate authority.. So, in my current game, I now have 56 leaders and a cap of 16.
Nicho  [author] Jun 2 @ 1:01pm 
Mod is updated for 3.8.3.
Nicho  [author] May 29 @ 10:33pm 
Hi all. I expect 3.8.3 to go live at some point today or tomorrow - emphasis on the word 'hope'. I cannot guarantee compatibility between this mod in its current configuration and the fixes to the Leader system in 3.8.3. However, due to personal commitments, I will highly likely not be able to update the mod until Friday or Saturday.

From what we've been told in Dev Diaries, that patch should significantly resolve many of the original complaints which mods such as this one were set up to address. As such, I will probably balance this mod downwards - trying to find a balance between giving players who want a few more leaders, and not being crazy with it.
Nicho  [author] May 21 @ 8:11am 
Thanks for that Yggdrasil75; I've reflected those changes.
@ Everyone else: I've tested this and haven't noticed anything breaking myself, but if you do please let me know and I will fix.
Yggdrasil75 May 21 @ 7:16am 
is_regular_empire looks for "default" empires that are non-gestalt. is_gestalt = no means that it looks for any empire that is not gestalt. with the first option, you only get playable non-gestalts, with the second, you get non-playable. it doesnt really have much of an effect on vanilla (it has some, but not much), but it does change how the ai plays, allowing them to be affected like the player, making them more reasonable to play against.