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Barges (Cargo Ferries) - Partial Fix P&P
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Sep 19 @ 10:33pm
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Barges (Cargo Ferries) - Partial Fix P&P

This is a PARTIAL fix for BloodyPenguin's Barges Mod.

Update - Known Issues:
1. Ferry's dont spawn due to path-ing issue, delete small ferry path segement and reconnect (legacy bug).
2. It appears there are still further incompatibilities with the Plazas and Promenades update when a pedestrian area and service point are built. The mod may still work properly without service points/pedestrian areas.

Unfortunately these are more complex issues that I am not sure how to solve at this time. I will leave this up as it appears that many are getting value out of this partial fix and hopefully in the future further fixes can be made by myself/community.

You must unsubscribe from the original mod, but you still need barges and barge-ports subscribed.

For complete details and instructions on use view the original:

All credit to Bloodypenguin

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Caprea Oct 3 @ 9:14am 
Well, I did again, deleted and connected. And let the simulation run for some time and now, finally, there are barges again.
Caprea Oct 3 @ 7:52am 
I have no pedestrian zone/service point, I do no own that DLC.
And yes, I have read about the old bug, but it did never bug me. But I tried deleting and reconnecting without any change.
To have barges was so nice (and helpful with traffic)
Jackscrj  [author] Oct 2 @ 11:45pm 
@Caprea Do you have a pedestrian zone/service point in your city that is having issues? If yes others are reporting issues and I don't have a fix currently. Alternatively, this could be related to a legacy bug that still persists in this update. some have figured out a way to fix it by deleting a ferry path segment and reconnecting (no fix for this one either at this time unfortunately)
Caprea Oct 2 @ 7:58am 
My barges stopped working. Not a single one on the water anymore.
reynevan24 Oct 1 @ 4:19pm 
I have the same issue as @david_neibig, pedestrian service points aparrently don't work well with this mod.
Jackscrj  [author] Sep 23 @ 5:34pm 
@david_neibig interesting, as I have dug through Bloody's genius code to make this work it does take augmenting some of the base game vehicle mechanics. P&P might have updated some mechanics related here particularly for the service points. This may take a while... and could be over my head, but I will try.
david_neibig Sep 22 @ 5:56am 
@Jackscrj I've experienced a problem where the barge mod (both the original and this version) seems to prevent cargo from being delivered to pedestrian area service points (cargo doesn't deliver properly when I have the mod, even when I have no barge stuff built, and does get delivered when I got rid of the mod as a test). Could you possibly investigate and fix this.
LeonardMT Sep 21 @ 12:01am 
@Jackscrj Alright well thanks for making the mod compatible with game.
Jackscrj  [author] Sep 20 @ 9:06pm 
@StayHungryStayFoolish There was definitely incompatibilities due to the P&P update. Notification.Problem received major changes in P&P and there were some dependencies on this in the original.
Jackscrj  [author] Sep 20 @ 9:03pm 
@Marsuli yes you should unsubscribe from the original