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More Picks & Points: Traits|Civics|Ethics [STANDARD] (3.1+)
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Oct 3 @ 9:40am
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More Picks & Points: Traits|Civics|Ethics [STANDARD] (3.1+)

This is the updated version of the mod More Picks & Points: Traits|Civics|Ethics [STANDARD] (OUTDATED - 2.7+) for stellaris version 3.1.

This is a basic mod that gives the player a bit more freedom while creating a new empire. It simply adds more trait points and picks, adds ethics and civic picks.

The original mod was made by Athinks ( ), but since he doesn't update the mod since January, 2019, I decided to reupload it with some tweaks.
I boosted the mod with more points and picks in a balanced way. Also now it works for lithoids too and the ethic tweaks are updated too.

List of tweaks:

>> Starting trait points
- Machine -> 4 [Outdated mod: 2 | Vanilla: 1]
- Biological -> 5 [Outdated mod: 3 | Vanilla: 2]

>> Max traits
- Robot -> 8 [Outdated mod: 8 | Vanilla: 4]
- Machine -> 8 [Outdated mod: 8 | Vanilla: 5]
- Biological -> 7 [Outdated mod: 6 | Vanilla: 5]

- Ethic picks -> 5 [Outdated mod: 4 | Vanilla: 3]
- Civic picks -> 5 [Outdated mod: 4 | Vanilla: 2]

- Gestalt Consciousness -> 5 [Outdated mod: 4 | Vanilla: 3]
(It's balanced, you can't pick Gestalt ethic and one more ethic anymore)

I totally agree with the description Athinks has written:

"I often found myself avoiding more loreful or fun options due to the very limited number of choices available, and it always felt like species didn't vary quite as much as I'd like. The numbers used in the mod offered some flexibility without destroying the game systems. They can be easily edited in the mod-files (they are pretty self-explanatory) which will be in the mod-folder under the folder "setup".

This has not been balanced or checked for balance, but everything also applies to the standard AI empires, so it doesn't sem to mess anything up too badly."

Agreeing with what Athinks said, I did an update, so it's playable on the current versions of Stellaris.

In order to please all kinds of players, I made 3 versions in this way.
-> A "Lite Edition" for players who just want to increase some picks without damaging the vanilla gameplay too much (copies the values from the old mod).
-> The "Standard Edition" for players who want even more points but still in a balanced way.
-> The "BEAST Edition" for players who want to create races with almost no limits. It gives a more realistic and free experience on empire creation, but makes the game much less balanced...

These mods will also change the AI picks and points limit. So keep that in mind when subscribing this mod.
This wasn't intended to be a Cheat mod, instead, it increases the diversity of characteristics in the various species and empires that can be found/created in the galaxy. This way making a richer, more realistic and intense experience.

Supposedly compatible with all 3.1.* patches.
It should be compatible will all mods which doesn't touch ethics, civics and traits points and picks.

Help improve this mod at • Updates and Bugs •

Special thanks to the following Steam users:
Athinks - for being the original modder;
Cyber Vixen - for helping me and updating the ethics file;
Free Bird - for alerting me about the ethics outdated tweaks;
Alastair - for helping and writting the mod update for 3.1.*;
Дитрион - for helping with update 3.1.*;
Ryonia Coruscare - for tweaking and improving Alastair 3.1.* update code.

If you like the mod rate and thumbs up this updated version and the original modder please.
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Oct 3 @ 1:56pm
• Updates and Bugs •
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hubertkenobi  [author] Oct 12 @ 1:01pm 
Anyways give Lite Edition a try :steamhappy:
hubertkenobi  [author] Oct 12 @ 12:57pm 
In this edition (STANDARD) I still paid some attention to the gameplay balance, but I don't think that the addition of traits to the Synthetic ones was so decisive that a non-synthetic biological being or a non-hive mind could not conquer the galaxy completely for their own. This is still possible, although the gameplay of the these species involves a bit more challenge, better economy and strategic intelligence, more attention to military, political and technological decisions.

Again, that's what the mod is looking for. Replicate the challenges that nature provides. Nature is cold, cruel and unforgiving. It's up to you to choose the species and row for or against nature ;)
hubertkenobi  [author] Oct 12 @ 12:57pm 
This mod was not made to be balanced. It was meant for stellaris to be a little more realistic, at the price of balancing gameplay.

The question I asked in the ideological point of view of this mod is: "Is the creation of synthetic creatures realistic? Would it be that limited? Couldn't those creatures on reality have more traits? Both positive and negative?" - The answer is that, yes it could be more realistic, in fact, on a planet far away from us, a synthetic being could have far more traits, and this is precisely what this mod aims to accomplish. Freedom in creation and in the possibilities that exist to create a being with the different characteristics that are physically possible.
austinhs2002 Oct 11 @ 3:33am 
Why did you give robots a leg up with trait total picks? Synthetic Evolution is already the strongest thing.
Alastair Oct 4 @ 8:19am 
My best guess is it was the Budding Trait. I bet that they had to change how pop assembly worked a bit to make it work.
hubertkenobi  [author] Oct 4 @ 8:03am 
Yes, that's very odd. It's not common for species to mess with final resource and population calculations.
Alastair Oct 4 @ 6:17am 
I will do so. Still have no idea how it broke or the actual reason. Since it seems so random that the thing it broke was pop assembly. Again glad my messing around helped fix it.
hubertkenobi  [author] Oct 4 @ 4:45am 
Yes, your help was great, thank you! I couldn't do it then, as I've been busy with my academic life. Fortunately, I found some time to fix this, gather your info in the discussion section, and upload the mods.
The next step is to test it. If you find errors, please mention it in the new discussion section above.
Alastair Oct 3 @ 5:57pm 
Glad I could help fix the mod. Even if it wasn't exact. Honestly I kinda just messed around with things until it worked. So I wasn't sure what fixed it exactly. Glad it was figured out though.