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Advanced Starts & Civics
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Advanced Starts & Civics

Advanced Starts is a mod that helps you determine the strongest empires using the empire creation. With 6 new origins and 13 new civics, this mod attempts to give a more immersive experience by letting you decide which empires are going to start ahead and how much ahead they are going to be.


  • Above Average: - Starts with all tier 1 technologies.
  • Head Start: - Starts with all tier 1 & 2 technologies available and all systems 1 hyperlane away from your homeworld colonized.
  • Advanced Society: - Starts with all tier 1, 2 & 3 technologies available and all systems 2 hyperlanes away from your homeworld colonized.
  • Young Empire: - Starts with all tier 1, 2, 3 & 4 technologies available and all systems 3 hyperlanes away from your homeworld colonized.
  • Fallen and Forgotten: - Starts with all tier 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 technologies available and homeworld is a relic world with special modifiers.
  • Children of the Cosmos: - Your species receive an extremely powerful trait.


  • Precautionary Decisions: - Starts with all tier 1 technologies.
  • Theoretical Analysts: - Starts with all tier 1 & 2 technologies available.
  • Ahead of Times: - Starts with all tier 1, 2 & 3 technologies available.
  • Long Overdue: - Starts with all tier 1, 2, 3 & 4 technologies available.
  • Precursor Reborn: - Starts with all tier 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 technologies available.
  • Pinnacle Society: - Moderate bonuses to economy & tech.
  • Rule of the First: - Large bonuses to economy & tech.
  • Perfect Match: - Massive bonuses to economy & tech.
  • Unstoppable Force: - Ginormous bonuses to economy & tech.
  • Great Armada: - Massive bonuses to armies and the possibility to recruit exclusive army types.
  • Strength in Quality: - All your ships are incredibly tanky but utilize large amounts of naval capacity.
  • Energy Experts: - Massive bonuses to shields, field manipulation research and energy production.
  • Materials Experts: - Massive bonuses to armor, materials research and mineral production.

These perks are not balanced in any way, nor they are intended to be, since the purpose of this mod is make AI prevail over other AI empires without any cheat commands or anything like that. When utilizing many mods, I always felt that it did not matter how many traits and civics I gave an AI I could not guarantee that this empire would succeed over the others. Therefore, I created those perks so you can decide which empires are going to be stronger than the others.

There's a somewhat balance between the civics, in a way that a stronger economic civic or origin will always result in a stronger empire.


- Since this mod does not overwrite any vanilla files, it is expected to be compatible with everything.

Future Plans

  • Add localisation files for all languages (machine translation). - Added !
  • Add more exclusive advantages, such as civic-exclusive technologies to further increase empire specialization.
  • Expand the idea of a precursor reborn, adding new events and other things.
  • Adjust any unfun feature and correct any discovered bugs.
  • SUGGESTIONS are always welcomed! Specially regarding new additions or tweaks in the stories/descriptions of the perks.
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Marrow Sep 22 @ 11:06pm 
Could you please tweak the Great Armada civic to work with gestalts?
Crashtastic Sep 20 @ 3:35pm 
work with Lem?
.357 Sep 8 @ 5:17pm 
The origins and civics wont show up. I have tried reloading and uninstalling it still does not work anyone know how to fix?
Råb!d Aug 30 @ 10:33am 
Are the civics available for the AI to choose later in the game? Or are these somehow restricted to only during empire creation?
chronoss2008 Aug 22 @ 8:28am 
no matter how i make a civ etc , turn 2 has me drop to -33 food and i die before i can sort it
Skill Less Aug 22 @ 3:40am 
right-click this page and click on "copy page url" ...

so the id of this mod is: 2559730608
andrew0311 Aug 19 @ 9:45am 
What's the mod ID? I want to change the children of the cosmos origin to allow for the Unstoppable Force civic.
stg1joey Aug 15 @ 9:16pm 
i love this mod but its causing my game to break almost every 30 minutes. im using gigastructual engineering, zenith of the fallen, advanced technology, more events. anyone know the issue?
takoda.ackerley Aug 8 @ 7:08pm 
I assumed those two were the main problem as they are the two I've had issues with in the past. So what happened was that when selecting the ethics, it would select them, as far as being able to choose civics and government, but when actually playing the game, your population wouldn't have the civics chosen.
CommandZomb Aug 8 @ 2:00am 
i don't think there's any compatability patch for nsc6 and acot