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Items (110)
simracing4fun.org GTE4fun Season2 reloaded
Created by cybe
Skin Pack für die GTE4fun Rennserie by simracing4fun.org
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Original S397 benötigte Kaufinhalte für die GTE4fun Serie:
    2nd Update Blackwood DX11 for rFactor2
    Created by Leonardo
    This is the second DX11b release of the conversion for the famous Live for Speed Track Blackwood for rfactor2 (With permission of www.lfs.net)

    Version DX11b
    + better AIW at start/finish,
    + smaller SWHEEL_TRACKMAP,
    + improved gridmarks,
    + improve...
    37¾ Mile Isle Of Man Mountain Course - Conversion from GPL
    Created by S.Victor
    Build History

    This full length "37¾ Mile Isle Of Man Mountain Course" was built by Jim Pearson entirely from scratch over a period of 14 years from 2005. It is a totally different track to his much earlier "Abridged / Shortened" 20 km version.
    Adelaide Street Circuit
    Created by odb
    ➡️ original Track created by wizzfactor2
    ➡️ converted to rfactor by Redhawk and Flaux
    ➡️ converted and updatet for rfactor2 by digga (www.simracingteam.net)

    Special thanks to McNolo for some great stuff, Nuno Lourenço for help and feedback and Simraci...
    Adria international raceway
    Adria International Raceway has been in operation since 2001. In these years it has become one of the significant tracks in Italy for national and international motorsport activities and manufactorer devolopemnt, as well as being a complete structure to re...
    Created by Heikki21
    With kind permission from Jaasu, comes a conversion of the legendary Ahvenisto “Appara” Circuit in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The track was scratch-build by him based on LiDAR data.​

    Please see it as a V0.9, as there are still some things I'd like to improve...
    Albi 2006
    Created by JuergenBY
    Albi 2006, converted by Corti, Senormen, Digga & Juergen-By with full permission by Neel Jani (NeelJ). Changelog v1.6: - Track Limits and AI Pathes fixed (Thanks Schumi) - Problem with wrong assigned Pitboxes fixed (Thanks Digga) - ClipPlanes for Review in...
    Algarve Motorsports Park 2020 - Portimao
    Created by odb
    ⚠️ Note! venue name changed to Algarve Motorsports Park 2020!! ⚠️

    ☝️ uninstall or unsubscribe the old Portimao v1.13 then install or subscribe the new version

    changelog v1.31
    ➡️fix material loading issue

    changelog v1.3
    ➡️ IBL Shader for most mat...
    Alpine Series rF2 build 1.00
    The Alpine Series rF2 mod is the result of a successfull collaboration with Signatech Alpine team. It does feature 2 specifications of the new Alpine A110 model, the Cup version wich is raced, in particular, in the Alpine Europa Cup championship, and the G...
    Bahrain International Circuit
    Created by McNolo
    Circuito de Bahrain, convertido y actualizado desde la versión original de CTDP para rFactor.

    La versión 1.04 dejó de funcionar correctamente debido a que era ya una versión obsoleta. Por el momento esta nueva versión solo incluye el trazado GP 2014 act...
    Created by Nibiru
    Original Track: Darren Blythe
    Conversion: Craig McDonald (Nibiru)
    Objects: Darren Blythe, Nibiru, ISI
    Textures: Darren Blythe, Nibiru, ISI
    Cam File: Hexogramme
    AIW: Hexogramme.

    All rFactor 2 elements have been added
    2 Layouts (Long and Short)
    Belgium 1966
    Located in the Belgium Ardennes is this beautiful and blindingly fast circuit that was home to many races. This is the 1966 layout of the track....
    Bikernieki Race Track
    Created by poozik0
    Bikernieki Race Track, Riga, Latvia
    This laser-scanned track is conversion from AC.
    Author of original AC track is Martins Upitis. Thanks him for this track and for allowing the porting it.
    Thanks Alexandr Meshkov for help with optimization.

    Created by Studio 397
    Botniaring race track is located in Jurva and it is one of the five bigger motorsports centers in Finland. Following a recent extension, the Botniaring is Finland's longest and fastest raceway. The circuit hosts motorsport from April to October but remains...
    Brabham BT44B
    Created by Studio 397
    Designed by Gordon Murray, the Brabham BT44 was the successor to the BT42. It was first raced in 1974. It's clean aerodynamics coupled with the Ford DFV and Hewland gearbox made it an instant succes on the track. The BT44B was an upgrade to this car, and r...
    Brands Hatch Circuit
    Created by Big L
    Located in Kent, England, was originally used as a grasstrack motorcycle circuit, and was also once a host of British Grand Prix events, and Formula One events.

    Noise restrictions now limit the circuit to just a few high profile race events a year from ...
    Brianza 1966
    Created by Studio 397
    In the forests near Brianza, Italy, sits the Brianza race track: Historic and filled with the ghosts of a racing past, the circuit is incredibly dangerous, and with multiple high-speed sections, any mistake could lead to a big accident.

    The circuit includ...
    Created by odb
    Buddh International Circuit
    Created by schumi21
    Basic conversion for rF2 by me. Thanks so much for grand work on v2.0 for Digga!...
    Buenos Aires Historic
    Created by Mak80_
    Buenos Aires Historic updated by Mauro. A big thanks to philrob and svictor for help. Permission gived by Rik and GPC-Motorfx...
    Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Canada
    Created by senormen
    Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - formerly Mosport Park and Mosport International Raceway . . .

    Original track model created by John Ramos . . . big thx to him for permission to work on the track and bring it to rFactor 2 . . .


    John Ramos made...
    Circuit de Dijon-Prenois
    Created by odb
    converted & updated for rfactor2 by digga

    including 2 layouts:
    ➡️ Grande Combe
    ➡️ Petite Combe

    changelog v1.07
    ✔️ revised some textures and material settings
    ✔️ improve aiw and cams
    ✔️ add terrain ambient and puddle static map
    ✔️ add IBL
    ✔️ sm...
    CRYSTAL PALACE 1969 v1.1
    Created by =fab=
    Crystal Palace Park area in south London, England, The circuit opened in 1927, Improvements begun in December 1936 increased the circuit to 2 miles (3 km) in 1953 the circuit had been reduced in length to 1.39 miles (2.2 km)

    The final meeting was held o...
    Dubai Autodrome
    Created by odb
    ---------------------------- Dubai Autodrome ------------------------

    - converted to GTR2 by RACERM and billbro
    - converted and updatet to rfactor 2 by digga

    changelog v1.31
    -some visual improvements

    changelog v1.21
    - fix cut warning last tur...
    Endurance Series rF2 build 4.10
    EnduRacers Modding Team & Gentlemen Racers are pleased to provide to you the Endurance Series rF2 ! After monthes of work, this first rF2 release will allow you to continue the endurance racing adventure starting on rFactor1 years ago. The build take benef...
    F1 1986 and 1988 Championship Edition
    Created by oliver_ray
    New major update!!
    **Graphical update**
    New version for all tracks and cars working now with new ibl shaders.
    All tracks have received also new tarmac textures in 4k.
    All tracks and cars rain effects working.
    Consider that as a first pass and a basis ...
    GTPC: Porsche 956
    Created by [ODS]arnaud
    Porsche 956 (1984 WEC & LM edition)

    rF2 Conversion Team:
    Bernd (wiper & ripples animation / collision / debugging)
    Pedro Ramada (physics feedback / sounds feedback / graphics feedback)
    [ODS]CedricH (UI Icons / bet...
    Guia Circuit, Macau
    Created by senormen
    This is a track I had in rF1 and have now put into rF2.
    Countless hours have been spent updating materials, shaders, textures, and adding rF2 features including increasing the resolution of the track mesh for real road and mapping the race groove to the f...
    Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
    Hampton Downs Motorsport Park is located in northern Waikato, New Zealand. It has has been in use since 2010. The 2.63 Km national circuit features a very challenging 1st corner and a very narrow hairpin half way through the lap. The modern facilities arou...
    Highlands Motorsport Park
    Highlands Motorsport Park has been in operation since 2013. Based in Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand. The track layout, (an 8 figure!), has been inspired corners as we find on some of the world's most famous race tracks. Its 4.1Km, and offers lots of very fas...
    Hockenheim 1966
    Created by sergiomloro
    Hockenheim is one of classic circuits of all time, it was born back on 30's
    and had been hosting all kind of racing since then. This is the mid/late 60's version of track, when motodrom area was build and racing direction change. This is the non-chicane l...
    Created by odb
    - original track created for rFactor2 by Tommy78 (https://tpongracz.wordpress.com)
    - update to new version by digga (www.facebook.com/simracingteam.net)

    chancelog v1.23 - digga
    - rework curve radius T1
    - improve terrain multi/layer texture setting...
    Indianapolis 2020
    Created by Studio 397
    Located in Speedway, Indiana, Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a National Historic Landmark and has been a race venue since 1909. It’s feature race since 1911, the Indianapolis 500, consumes the state of Indiana each May, with a capacity crowd over a quarter...
    Jarama Historic
    Created by Mak80_
    Jarama Historic updated by Mauro. A big thanks to Corti and t0p5ecret for help. Permission gived by GPC-Motorfx...
    Kyalami 2016 V0.89
    Created by Heikki21
    With kind permission from "Prototype", here is a conversion of his great Kyalami circuit from Asetto Corsa.

    Update V0.89

    - updated terrain to new pbr shader
    - updated almost all other materials to pbr
    - new road detail map for road and runoff area...
    Le Grand Circuit 1967
    Created by woochoo
    Based on a classic French endurance race from 1967.

    2020-09-13: graphical update and minor changes to road surface.

    2019-10-24: some adjustments to textures and materials, some minor mesh improvements, some minor adjustments to some corner cambers, a...
    LimeRockPark 2012
    Created by Studio 397
    Located in Lakeville, Connecticut sits 1.5 miles of prime racing real estate with two optional chicanes. A fast and flowing race track with stunning elevation changes, Lime Rock Park is claustrophobically surrounded by armco, tire barriers, trees and mount...
    Longford 1967
    Created by Studio 397
    Longford began hosting motorcycle events in the early 1950s, and car races soon after, including two Australian Grand Prix. The lineup included touring cars, sports cars, and the Tasman Series featuring a number of the top F1 drivers and teams. The circuit...
    Created by Sim Formula Europe
    The street track through the beautiful town of Maastricht in The Netherlands is the host to the yearly virtual 24 heures du Maestricht and is typically also featured in the Sim Formula Europe events. The track is over 8 kilometers long, features two bridge...
    Malaysia 2007
    Created by Studio 397
    This circuit is a motorsport race track in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia. It is located near Kuala Lumpur International Airport, approximately 45 km south of the capital city. It is the venue used for the all kinds of major motorsport events....
    Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon
    Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon has been in operation since 1973. It was built by the Manawatu Car Club near Palmerston North in New Zealand. The 3,3 Km long Grand Prix circuit runs clockwise, and has a few slow corners, a banked hairpin, some nasty unforgivin...
    Matsusaka 2015

    Matsusaka is popular Japanese circuit based on a figure-8 layout. Opened in the 1960s, it hosts top level open-wheel and GT events, and slower cars can be accommodated on two shorter alternate layouts. Minor layout revisions in its history ...
    McLaren MP4/13
    Created by Studio 397
    Even if Mika Häkkinen had his debut for the McLaren Team on the MP4/8, it was this version in 1998 that lifted him up among the greatest. Designed by Adrian Newey, the new MP4/13 was a perfect fit to the new ruleset and the grooved tyres. Efficient aerodyn...
    McLaren MP4/8
    Created by Studio 397
    710 PS were squeezed out of the 3.5 V8 Cosworth engine to propel this McLaren into the fights which would have went viral, if Facebook and YouTube would have been a thing back in 1993. McLaren went onto full attack with the MP4/8, trying to grab another wo...
    Mid Ohio Virtua_LM
    Created by MonSum
    Virtua_LM is proud to introduce you with Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for rFactor 2. Converted from our fromscratch creation on rFactor, this track has been modified to take advantage of new rFactor 2 capabilities. Proposed with 3 layouts, Mid-Ohio is genera...
    Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
    Created by senormen
    - Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli v1.21 for rFactor 2 -

    Converted from the rFactor 1 track and updated to rFactor 2 standards by senormen.

    All textures, materials, shaders, every poly has been reworked to bring the track model up to rFactor 2 s...
    MonteCarlo 1966
    Created by Studio 397
    Surrounded by lamp posts, walls, hay bales and people, it is an intensely difficult lap, requiring complete concentration. The tight and twisty nature of this street circuit makes passing difficult. Qualifying is all-important.

    In 1966, the year of trac...
    Created by odb
    ➡️ original track created by Com8 for rFactor 1
    ➡️ converted and updated for rFactor2 by digga

    changelog v1.15
    - increase road mesh
    - update road textures
    - add IBL and rain map
    - small performance improvements

    ➡️ many thanks to Com8 for creati...
    Created by schumi21
    Original track created by Mitja Bonca (from RD) for Assetto Corsa. With his permission, I'm converting this track into rFactor 2....
    Oschersleben 2017 v1.17
    Created by odb
    Oschersleben 2017 v1.17 by digga

    changelog v1.17
    - new IBL Ambient
    - change some material names
    - add basic rain settings

    Special thanks to ....
    MCNolo > flag animation
    NunoLorenco > road textures

    copyrights: -modify and/or release to othe...
    Oulton Park Circuit 2015 v1.25
    Created by odb
    conversion to rfactor 2 by digga

    changelog v1.25
    - DX11 update
    - some material improvements

    - Big thanks to Nuno Lourenço for his excellent and hard work and Juergen By for the new loading screens (see above)

    - Special thanks to MCNolo for his...
    Portland International Raceway
    Created by Studio 397
    Portland International Raceway in Portland, Oregon is a track that had been part of series like Champ Car and the American Le Mans Series and now it's your time to find the perfect line through the 12 turns on this 3.16 km long circuit. If you want to read...
    Portugal 2009
    Created by Studio 397
    Portugal International is a former Grand Prix track with noticeable elevation changes and an interesting mix of both slow and high speed turns. Multiple overtaking spots are available, and the circuit was a favorite among drivers and teams.

    Currently the ...
    Pukekohe Park Raceway
    Pukekohe Park Raceway, located in the Auckland Region of the North Island, has been in operation since 1963. Probably New Zealand´s most iconic motor racing circuit. It hosts internationally renowned events like the ITM Auckland SuperSprint and the annual ...
    RaceRfactor Montreal 2013 (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve)
    Created by McNolo
    Circuito original creado por ISI
    Actualizado a la versión 2008 por The Lonely & SLN
    Convertido y actualizado a rFactor 2 por RaceRfactor
    Radical SR3-RSX
    Created by Studio 397
    The SR3 is the next step up from the SR1 offering thrilling, cost-effective, high-performance track driving and racing. First launched in 2001, it is the most widely produced and most successful prototype style sportscar racer in the world, with over 1,000...
    Ring Knutstorp Motorbana
    Created by senormen
    This is a track I had in rF1 and have now put into rF2.

    Countless hours have been spent updating materials, shaders, textures, and adding rF2 features including increasing the resolution of the track mesh for real road and mapping the race groove to the...
    Riverside International Raceway
    Created by odb
    Riverside International Raceway v1.02

    changelog v1.02
    ➡️ small performance improvemnts

    ➡️original track created by LilSki (Assetto Corsa)
    ➡️ converted for rFactor 2 by toebee & digga

    Many thanks to LilSki for creating original track & permission...
    Road America 2019
    Created by odb
    Road America 2019 v1.0

    ➡️ Grand Prix Course
    ➡️ Motorcycle Course

    👏 Many thanks to LilSki, Johnr777 and digga for creating original track & convert! 👏

    👏 Thanks also to Heikki&Schumi for some work and testing

    good race for all, have fun 🏁...
    Road Atlanta 2017 V1.43
    Created by Heikki21
    With kind permission from Patrick Girathon, I present you a conversion of his great Road Atlanta from AMS, now for RF2.

    Changelog V1.41:

    - updated many material to new PBR shader
    - trees, terrain pbr
    - road pbr including road detail map with puddle...
    Rouen-les-Essarts v0.97
    Created by odb
    Basic conversion into rF2 by SJ.
    Extensively and substantially updated by digga (www.simracingteam.net).
    All credits to original authors of rF1 version who made the track in association with VLM, Elwood and Madhorse.
    With thanks to Monsum a...
    S397 HUD Edited by Yotch
    Created by Yotch
    This HUD is an edited version from Original by Studio 397.

    The video when I am actually editing other HUD with Dev Mode....
    Sydney Motorsport Park-Eastern Creek V1.00
    Created by Heikki21
    Sydney Motorsport Park is going to be the second conversion from from Patrick Giranthons trackpack for AMS. Again with kind permission from him.
    Credits go also to Studio 397 (some objects and textures !) and of course to R1CHo, who is the original author...
    Sachsenring 2020
    Created by odb
    >>>> Sachsenring 2020 was created for Assetto Corsa by "Gunnar333" - Big Thanks for permission <<<<

    Conversion to rfactor2 with some improvements by digga(www.facebook.com/simracingteam.net)...
    SHQM HUD Edited by Yotch ( Perfect for VR)
    Created by Yotch
    This HUD is an edited version from original by SimHQ (ver 1.6.2).
    Especially the visibility when playing with VR is improved.

    Created by lonestar29
    DX11 compatible HUD, incorporating many of the new HUD parameters added in recent v1109 release, including DeltaBest, tyre wear, and weather. Designed to accommodate virtual mirrors.

    Easy to install . . .
    Just click the subscribe button.
    Next time you...
    Silverstone 2012
    Created by Studio 397
    Located near the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire border in southern England, sits Silverstone Circuit, a state-of-the-art 3.66-mile racing facility, and current host to the British Grand Prix.

    The track is used by Formula One, FIA World Endurance, FI...
    Silverstone GP 1975
    Created by senormen
    This is a track I had in rF1 and have now put into rF2.
    Countless hours have been spent updating materials, shaders, textures, and adding rF2 features including increasing the resolution of the track mesh for real road and mapping the race groove to the f...
    Targa Florio 1967 (Made by the Targa TEAM)
    Created by S.Victor
    Special thanks to original author Sergio Loro for permission to update the track and share at workshop.

    To enable 3D grass, set "Circuit details" to Full.

    v1.00 Update Notes:
    Tatuus FT-60
    Created by Studio 397
    Year of Production: 2019. Production number 30. Equipped with the blown Toyota TRD 8Ar Engine producing 295 bhp. This car comes with big wings and big tyres and a very similar aeromap as its equivalent in the FIA F3. It runs exclusively in the Toyota Gazoo...
    Tatuus PM-18
    Created by Studio 397
    Year of production: 2017. Production number 40. Equipped with a high revving full race Mazda engine this is the big bad brother of the USF-17. 275+ bhp, big wings, big tires and oval ready. With this car there is a linear step within Road to Indy straight ...
    Teretonga park
    Teretonga Park has been in operation since 1957, It is New Zealands oldest circuit, located near Invercargill. The track layout is anti-clockwise, it is 2,57 Km long and offers a very fast and challenging 1st sector, the Loop, followed a very difficult off...
    USF2000 2016
    Created by Studio 397
    The Cooper Tires USF2000 Series an accessible American open wheel series officially sanctioned by INDYCAR, is a popular proving ground for ambitious drivers wanting to progress to the next level.

    The USF2000 car, powered by Mazda, from Van Diemen is an ex...
    Valencia Ricardo Tormo v2.1
    Created by odb
    Valencia Circuito Ricardo Tormo

    - first convert to rfactor unknown
    - converted to rfactor 2 by lestrat
    - updated to new version by digga

    changelog v2.1
    - dx11 texture update
    - modify terrain
    - replaced some armcos, tyrewalls and other objects...
    Watkins Glen International
    Created by schumi21
    Original track for Assetto Corsa created by LilSki
    Track is built off of aerial LIDAR data from 2014.
    Converted for rFactor 2 DA-DIGGA, LilSki, Schumi and Heikki21.
    Incredible work was done specifically for rFactor 2 to create a zone of garages and padd...
    Created by wedge
    A modern HUD for rFactor 2, with 5 variations!

    Changelog 1.4 - 4/26/2016
    - Added two more variations of the HUD: side and minimal;
    -- side version: tachometer located on the right side, merged with fuel gauge, and infos on the side of the rear mirror;...
    Willow Springs International Raceway
    Created by ~IsR~Corti
    WILLOW SPRINGS RACEWAY v0.96 (AC conversion)

    First, many thanks to Tyrone for the permission to bring his AC version of Willow Springs to rFactor 2.
    A great challenge for me and part of the blame on S.Victor for encouraging me to do this conversi...
    Created by Studio 397
    On the day the 2020 Dutch GP should have been driven, we released the 2020 layout of Zandvoort to the existing track. A year later we've updated the track to 2021 standards, both technically and visually. More than seventy hears after the opening in 1948 a...
    Zolder 2016 dx11 V1.1
    Created by paulmarc
    New update to Zolder 2016, this time uploaded to steam to allow better future updates to all users. Just subscribe to this one to get the track updated to v1.1

    I have reworked the road mesh in 3dsMax to allow realroad to work fine. Also the AIW is done ...
    Zwartkops Raceway
    Created by chickenDuck
    Zwartkops Raceway is located in Pretoria, South Africa. The circuit has been operational since the 1960s, and was rebuilt and modernised in 2001. It has since proved immensely popular in the local racing scene.
    This is a first release. Everything will get...
    BMW M4 Class 1 2021
    Created by Studio 397
    BMW Power returns in rFactor 2 with the introduction of the mighty BMW M4 Class 1 2021 – a realization of the close working relationship between rFactor 2 and the German manufacturer to bring to life this mighty Class 1 car within the simulation. Developed...
    Albi 2020
    Created by odb
    Albi 2006 completely reworked to Albi 2020 for rfactor 2 by digga (Facebook SimRacingTeam)

    Note: Albi 2006 (Old 2008 and earlier) layouts are no longer supported, if you want to drive them please use the Albi 2006 version.

    Changelog: short version
    Aldo Scribante
    Created by chickenDuck
    Aldo Scribante is located near the city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It was built in the early 1970s. Not much has changed since then, aside from a fairly recent resurfacing. It's good fun in historics and touring cars.
    This is a first release, there ...
    Anglesey Circuit
    Created by ~IsR~Corti
    ANGLESEY CIRCUIT v1.05 (AC conversion)

    First, many thanks to Tyrone for the permission to bring his AC version of Anglesey Circuit to rFactor 2.
    This conversion was a big challenge, many things are consider first time for us, with trials and err...
    Autopolis V1.01
    Created by Heikki21
    With kind permission from Patrick Girathon and Gringo, here is another conversion of their great AMS tracks. This time we go to Japan, Autopolis. The track comes with 4 Layouts:
    International Circuit, Short Circuit and always an additional endurance vers...
    East London Grand Prix Circuit
    Created by chickenDuck
    East London Grand Prix Circuit is located near the city of East London, South Africa. The circuit was originally built in the 1930s, and around 23 km in length. It was shortened to its current layout in 1959.

    The South African Grand Prix was held here i...
    Created by lemax
    This circuit is located on a military base polygon in Kichevo, Macedonia. It is used as a venue in the Macedonian racing championship. Its narrow and bumpy track and dangerous runoff areas offer very close competition, very little space for error and guara...
    Lada VFTS
    Created by poozik0
    Lada VFTS for rFactor 2.
    Original mod for rFactor 1 by HLTC Team
    Converted by Artem Shulaev and Alexandr Meshkov...
    MillsMetro 2011
    Created by Studio 397
    The famous road course from rFactor 1, upgraded for use in rFactor 2....
    Nemuno Ziedas
    Created by poozik0
    Nemuno Ziedas, Kacergine, Lithuania
    This track is conversion from AC.
    Author of original AC track is Mantas Isganaitis. Thanks him for this track and for allowing the porting it and for sharing his practices on the track for rf2

    The first race...
    Stock Car 2018x
    Created by Studio 397
    The little brother to the Stock Car 2018 yet still packing an impressive 650hp under the hood, the SC2018x is a powerful, exciting and engaging racing machine that has been built solely to allow drivers the opportunity to race each other hard out on the tr...
    Lausitzring 2016
    Created by odb
    - new layout Grand Prix Circuit Oval T1
    - IBL Shader update for some materials

    - Original Track created by Codemasters DTM Series

    - first convert to rfactor 2 by Intel48
    - completly reworked by digga (www.facebook.com/simracingteam.net)

    VLN 2018 GT3 Liveries Pack - by simskin.de
    Created by Frank Murphy
    The VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring is the largest grassroots series in the world. Nine times a year, 170 race cars - from close-to-production touring cars to full-blown GT3 cars - start on the world's most beautiful and demanding race track, the...
    Audi R15 TDi group LMP1 (2009)
    Created by ~IsR~Corti
    AUDI R15 TDI v1.0 (GTR2 Conversion)

    First, many thanks to Alless for the permission

    Original team credits:
    Alless (3d, mod stucture, textures, physics)
    71GTO / Goat (Sounds, Physics)
    Evo (Textures)
    Archeo (Render scenes)
    Autodrom Most v1.1
    Created by odb
    changelog v1.1 (digga)
    - dx11 material and texture update
    - reworked and increased road mesh
    - add multi layer shader to terrain
    - improve AI
    - modify some cam position

    ➡️ Autodrom Most 1.00 create by Zdenek for rFactor 1 (Many thanks!)
    ➡️ convert...
    Castle Combe Circuit v1.05
    Created by odb
    modern & classic Layout

    changelog v1.05 by digga

    -dx11 texture and material update
    -new fence and fencepost around the track
    -new trackedges, whitelines
    -aiw optimation

    Good play for all, have fun...
    Circuito de Jerez v1.26
    Created by odb
    Circuito Permanente de Jerez- Jerez de la Frontera 🇪🇸

    v1.26 (digga)
    - dx11 Texture and material update
    - rework add new nightlights
    - added run off areas
    - rework pit exit road
    - slightly ai improvements
    - rework cam settings, trackedges, r...
    Istanbul Park Circuit
    Created by odb
    - converted to rfactor by WCP
    - converted and updatet for rfactor2 by digga

    changelog v1.5
    -IBL Shader texture/material update
    -new guardrails
    -new S397 crowds

    Special thanks to...
    >> MCNolo - flag animations, Electronic flags, billboard camera ...
    Korea International Circuit
    Created by schumi21
    Basic conversion for rF2 by me. Thanks so much for amazing job on v2.0 for Digga!
    Thanks also to MCNolo for the animated foto workers and woochoo for the digital flags....
    Lakeside_Raceway (Park) V0.75
    Created by Mike Cantwell
    Lakeside Park Ver 0.75

    * New Lakeside Room
    * New Bridge
    * Many other new objects
    * All buildings now have Ambient Occlusion maps
    * Drivers Training are redone
    * New Entrance
    * 1,000+ new trees
    * New outer terrain with LIDAR data
    * New grass text...
    Oran Park V0.435
    Created by Mike Cantwell
    Oran Park LIDAR. Version 0.435

    * Added flag marshals around the track. These are static models. Animated will be added later.

    Oran Park LIDAR. Version 0.430

    * Updated track lines to be correct as of 2008 and smoothed curves on some.
    * Remapp...
    Salzburgring 2016 v1.01
    Created by odb
    - created for rfactor 1 by Com8 and Steppenwolf - many thanks
    - v0.92 was the first convert for rfactor 2 - Author unknown
    - v1.01 - by digga

    changelog v1.01
    -dx11 update
    -fix flickering posts
    -modify nightlight settings
    -small other tweaks

    Slovakiaring v1.1
    Created by odb
    ➡️ Slovakiaring 1.0 created by CidJc for rFactor 1 (many thanks!)
    ➡️ converted and updated to rFactor 2 by digga (www.simracingteam.net)

    changelog v1.1
    - dx11 material and texture update
    - reworked and increased road mesh
    - reworked terrain multi la...
    Tatuus-MSV F3-020
    Created by Studio 397
    The Tatuus MSV F3-020 Mountune 2 litre 230 hp is the upgraded F3-016 as raced in British F3. It got an improved Aero package, and some safety updates like the revolutionary indycar style fin. It is powered by a Mountune 4 cylinder 2 litre racing engine....
    Thruxton v0.99
    Created by odb
    ➡️ Original rF1 Track created by lasercutter - Many Thanks for permission!!
    ➡️ converted and updatet for rfactor2 by digga (www.simracingteam.net)

    Chancelog v0.99 - NGMT and digga
    - new add IBL Ambient (digga)
    - new Final chicane kerbs updated to...
    New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning
    Created by odb
    New Jersey Motorsports Park v1.0

    - Lightning Circuit
    - original track created by LilSki (Assetto Corsa)
    - converted for rFactor 2 by digga

    Many thanks to LilSki for creating original track & permission to convert!

    good race for all, have fun...
    Patras 2021 - Greek F1 Track
    Created by Trev Rich
    New release due an extensive rebuild from the ground up.

    Full PBR
    Real Road road markings
    DRS zone
    Wide track perfect for endurance racing
    Night lighting

    Although this is finally a 1.0 release, there are still many object to add in the future w...