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Моды на внешний вид для LW2 (ванильной версии)
В данной сборке содержаться моды изменяющий внешний вид бойцов и дают + 10 к ловкости + 10 силе и увеличивают пипи..., а если точнее , в данной сборке моды которые вполне адекватно работают с модом LONG WAR 2 .

P/s для корректной работы модов не забывайте чистить конфиги после установки.
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Battlefield 4 Helmets & Armours
Created by Uncle Gunman
UPDATE (30/06/17)

Added US Engineer and CH Assault armour props for male soldiers. I've also included the US Engineer's sunglasses as a separate Upper Face Prop.

Note that the headset shown in the CH Assault image is from Ninja Nub's MGS V MSF Headge...
Capnbubs Accessories Pack - No Expansion
Created by E.V.Bot
War of the Chosen version available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1123427895

Adds several new customisation options. See the images above.

It is my ambition to make this pack of comparable quality to an official DLC, ho...
ME 3 Cat-6 Mercenaries Pack
Created by Uncle Gunman
This mod adds a series of armour props from Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC. All props are customisable with colours and camo and are available for all three armour tiers.

For male soldiers this currently contains a heavy and specialist armour set comprisin...
ME3 Kasumi Squadmate
Created by Kexx
Release #10

Everyone's favorite thief, Kasumi Goto, finally joins XCOM!

First of all, to enjoy the full experience, check out Galw1n's Kasumi Voice Pack, found here:

ME3 Miranda Squadmate
Created by Kexx
The Prodigal Update: Oct. 1, 2016
Thanks to the wondrous work of Destroyer1101, Miranda's Hair now has Physics!
Release #6

Everyone's favorite Strahovski, it...
MGSV: TPP :: The Boss' Sneaking Suit - Open Ver.
Created by Spart117MC
This mod is for XCOM 2 and is not compatible with War of the Chosen. Download [WotC] MGSV: TPP :: The Boss' Sneaking Suit - Open Ver. for a version compatible with the expansio
MW Armour Pack
Created by Uncle Gunman
UPDATE (14/06/2017)

Thanks to Kartoffel, the mod now has female armour props for the GIGN, Shadow Company and PMC groups in the mod. Helmets may or may not come at a later date.

The helmets in the female soldier images come from: http://steamcommunit...
R6 Siege Armours
Created by Uncle Gunman
UPDATE (08/06/17)

Now includes a set of Ash props for female soldiers and Blitz torsos and legs for male soldiers.


This mod adds in a ser...
Stenchfury Modular Armors
Created by Stenchfury
The aim of this mod is to make a serie of Armor Sets of sci-fi inspiration, with separate left\right arm options and various shoulder customization.

-The Armor sets and customizations are avaiable at all tiers; tried to make it compatible with both Vani...
Titanfall Sparks
Created by Uncle Gunman
"Prepare for Titanfall!"

This mod adds in Titan props from the first Titanfall game for Sparks that are colour/ camo customizable and available for all Spark armour tiers.

Currently includes the Atlas and Ogre models.

NOTE: Included in the mod i...
Unrestricted Armour Customization
UPDATE v1.1: Unlocks the plated/powered helmets for use without having first unlock the original armour

Lets you use any armour prop, regardless of which armour is equipped. Please report anything broken or missing.

-Mixing and matching...
[Vanilla] Call of Duty: Black Ops III Uniforms :: Type C (Z.S.F.) Release
Created by ∑3245
This mod adds three new helmets from the somewhat popular but oversaturated title, Call of Duty: Black Ops III that can be worn by both human males and females. I decided that I had enough porting weapons for a while, so now I'm focusing my attention on ri...
NieR: Automata - A2 & 2B Hair & Headband
NieR: Automata - A2 & 2B Hair & Headband

Please Read Desc for more info!

And before someone asks this (seriously there are those that ask this for these types of mods): Compatible for Vanilla XCOM 2 & LW 2