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Die Glocke
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Die Glocke


This mod is currently INOP, this is essentially here for a placeholder for what will come.

Nazi Germany, 1936. The Treaty of Versailles is slowly deteriorating with each German rearmament program. However, it is nothing compared to what lies in complete secrecy amongst only the highest ranking SS officers and Adolf Hitler himself, Die Glocke.

Die Glocke is a Hearts of Iron IV mod that incorporates Nazi Occultism and specific Wunderwaffe into Hearts of Iron IV. This mod can be considered an "Invasion" scenario, as Nazi Germany will have the chance to research special weaponry that will give them significant combat advantages.

I am somewhat new to Hearts of Iron IV modding so updates will be sparse, however a playable version of this mod will be available in the near future, stay tuned.
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DerKontingenzMann Mar 27 @ 7:41pm 
Thank you for giving us the fruits of your labor, I know how time consuming development can be. I'd love to see Seven Hour War return in any iteration so long as it's easier for you to work on. Truthfully, if I knew how to mod, I would probably never get around to creating anything original since I'd be busy trying to update and revive esteemed mods that have fallen out of service lol.
Schizo  [author] Mar 27 @ 7:36pm 

Thank you, yes, consistency is hard to find these days. If I do revive the Seven Hour War mod, it will probably be during World War 2, because that would be significantly easier, being a solo-developer, and considering I have a very basic knowledge of modding HOI4.
DerKontingenzMann Mar 27 @ 7:33pm 
Yes! I played that a bit when it was still available in the workshop. Shame what happened. I'm glad that you're still working on mods for Hearts of Iron IV though, any modder with consistency is a blessing in the workshop haha. I would love to see SHW make a return, but I also hope you don't overextend yourself!
Schizo  [author] Mar 27 @ 7:29pm 

Ah, yeah I was on a team for the Seven Hour War mod if that rings a bell. That team was too overambitious, I think the mod went under since I can't find it. I might remake it in the future, after I finish Die Glocke.
DerKontingenzMann Mar 27 @ 7:26pm 
I'd have to rummage through my absurdly long list of mods, but I've seen you listed as a dev for some mods I've used in the past that I've enjoyed. I've definitely seen you around the workshop. I'll try to find the ones I'm talking about. Either way, I think you've certainly made a name for yourself haha. I look forward to the development of Die Glocke!
Schizo  [author] Mar 27 @ 7:21pm 

Hey! I did not see your comment, I apologize. Thank you for the support! What other works are you referring to?
DerKontingenzMann Mar 27 @ 7:01pm 
Hey! Don't count me out either! I love your other works as well haha.
Schizo  [author] Mar 27 @ 6:55pm 
@Oskar Dirlewanger

Haha, I knew someone would catch on! As far as schizophrenic mods go, this will definitely be up there with the occultism, I know my audience.
Oskar Dirlewanger Mar 27 @ 5:52pm 
made by schizo, you say? me download
DerKontingenzMann Mar 27 @ 5:38pm 
This looks very promising! I'm looking forward to updates.