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Factory Trade Tool
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Factory Trade Tool

In Multiplayer you often want to send civillian factories to a country, yet the only way to do it is via trade and licenses, this mod makes it easier by adding a tool called "Factories Trade Tool"

You can trade Civilian Factories, Military Factories and Dockyards for up to 5 Years. The Factories will automatically be sent back after the set amount of time passed by.

SHOULD be compatible with every other mod

  • MP compatible
  • SP compatible (But it is pointless in SP, isn't it?)
  • Trade Civs
  • Trade Mils
  • Trade Dockyards
  • Trade Factories
  • Ai can not use this tool
  • You can choose whether to allow trading within a faction or not (in the game setup)

Update 1.1 | I am happy to announce: You can trade dockyards now


1. Open the tool with the Button

2. Select a state of the country you want to trade with

3. Select in the "Type" column the factory type which you want to trade
4. Select in the "Amount" column the factory amount which you want to trade
5. Select in the "Duration" column how long you want to trade
6. Press in the "Confirm Trade" column send (will be visible if you have done everything correctly)

If you want to integrate this mod in one of your mods do so but give credit
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gameupyourlife  [author] May 4 @ 1:29am 
go for it
Onurkan811 May 4 @ 12:28am 
May i use your mod . I'll add mod link in the description
Onurkan811 May 4 @ 12:28am 
I liked your mod . It ıs very usefull in mp
GeGe Müller Mar 24 @ 12:45pm 
yeah some of the people in our rp games just sends the civs for 3-4 years instead of 5 years kinda hard to keep track of
gameupyourlife  [author] Mar 24 @ 4:51am 
scamming? unbelievable xD i'll lock into it
GeGe Müller Mar 24 @ 12:28am 
you can add menu makes you see remaining time and country because some people will try to scam in rp games
gameupyourlife  [author] Mar 22 @ 11:19am 
I hope the newly added "Help" section can answer the questions
gameupyourlife  [author] Mar 22 @ 11:01am 
you select the nation with which you wanna trade by clicking on a state from the nation
Eisspeer Mar 22 @ 10:46am 
I was wondering the same thing, I did a multiplayer game with some friends and we couldn't figure it out.
Zedorpian1 Mar 22 @ 10:28am 
how do you actually trade like how do i specify the nation to give it to??