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Historical Project Mod

The Historical Project Mod
For Hearts of Iron IV

Inspired by the Victoria II mod of the same name, the Historical Project Mod (HPM) for HOI4 seeks to enhance the vanilla HOI4 experience by adding and tweaking historical events, decisions, and focuses without disrupting the core experience as designed by Paradox.

At the moment, HPM for HOI4 is still in an early stage.I plan on adding a lot of things but expect this version to be pretty close to vanilla but with some tweaks and a few new events. If you find any bugs while using the mod, please report them to me. Also, going down alternate history paths or using the 1939 start date may break certain features as those things haven't been tested.

Current Features
  • Added a few custom game rule options
  • Tweaked Soviet and German factory counts
  • Synthetic fuel refineries are 2x more powerful to compensate for Germany being cut off from Middle Eastern oil
  • Partial Soviet focus tree rework
  • Added the option for Germany to publicly destroy the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact after Jan. 1st 1941 but the world will take notice.
  • The Italian Civil War
  • The 1941 Iraqi coup d'etat
  • Independent Egyptian state as a puppet of the United Kingdom
  • Free City of Danzig under British, French, and Polish protection
  • Event for Danzig to be annexed by Fascist Germany when Germany declares war on Poland
  • German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact in place at game start
  • Soviet-Polish Non-Aggression Pact in place at game start
  • Made the Rub Al Khali desert an impassible state
  • Gave a Peruvian state to Ecuador (while keeping it a core of Peru) to better reflect the dispute over land between the two. Currently no more flavor regarding that issue.
  • Added a basic decision for Finland to declare the Continuation War on the Soviet Union once Germany declares war on the Soviets
  • Soviet Invasion of Poland in accordance with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
  • Alt history path for the Allies and Soviets to ally at the expense of Poland
  • Other minor diplomatic relations additions to better reflect the geopolitical situation in 1936
  • British oil companies in Iran and Iraq somewhat reflected by oil rights given to the UK in certain states when MTG is enabled
  • Integrated "Project Flags" by Abbus for more historically accurate national flags
  • Integrated "Trade Embargo Mod" by ABoldOne for the ability to embargo your rivals
  • Integrated Oman into the British Empire
  • Added a couple air focuses for Germany to balance things out a little bit
  • Minor tweaks to the Soviet focus tree
  • Game rule to remove alternate history focuses
  • Changed the default maximum divisions in an army led by a general from 24 to 30
Had to remove the Trade Embargo Mod since it wasn't really working well with my mod but it's still a cool mod and I recommend checking it out.

Planned Content
  • More flavor for Finland
  • Flavor for Siam/Thailand
  • Minor Egyptian flavor
  • Hatay referendum
  • Ecuador-Peru War
  • Irish Free State
  • Possible tweaks to defending China and Russia
  • Special flavor for Yugoslav Partisans
  • Operation Valkyrie
  • An accurate representation of Stalin's paranoia regarding the situation on the border with Germany pre-Barbarossa
  • Free Territory of Trieste
  • Operation Countenance

  • Abbus @ Project FLAGS
  • Ty (Project Owner)
  • Red Baron Pizza Nationalist (GFX work)
  • Roky (Coding)

Click here to join the mod's official discord server[discord.gg]
If you'd like to use anything from my mod in your own project, feel free to do so, just give credit to whatever I did.
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SGT Smith Oct 22 @ 5:01am 
Ty  [author] Oct 21 @ 7:06pm 
@SGT Smith balance choices have been made with multiplayer in mind but singleplayer works as well
SGT Smith Oct 21 @ 5:11pm 
Is this mod meant to be played on multiplayer
Ajax Boar Oct 18 @ 6:17pm 
@CSRZ i wish paradox focused on the ww2 simulation part of the game more
Ty  [author] Oct 18 @ 1:09pm 
@Rest EZ I've never tried but I'm 99% sure they won't work together
Rest EZ Oct 18 @ 12:56am 
I kinda presume this mod isn't compatible with R56?
CSRZ Oct 17 @ 6:46pm 
I'm glad that there are more modders interested in historical accuracy, but so far we're the minority. Players care only for more alternative scenarios and mods like RT56 or Kaiserreich - that's why Paradox is developing the game in the opposite direction: more meme focus trees for minor nations and more broken mechanics instead of the bug fixes and historical accuracy.

Maybe our fight was a lost cause from the very beginning :)
Ty  [author] Oct 17 @ 6:09pm 
@CSRZ I'm a huge fan of your mods! I would always use the historically accurate icon packs you put out for my vanilla game before deciding I really wanted historical events and everything to make the entire game better. Of course after starting my own mod I find out that you have a historical event pack which I never tried, ah well. In any case I'd love to help you or have you help me with whatever, I'm usually quite busy so I work on the mod at a slow pace but if you want, DM me on Steam or pop into the discord or w/e.
CSRZ Oct 17 @ 5:13am 
Hello there :)

I was informed that there's someone starting a "competition" to my set of mods, but oh man how I'm glad to see this mod. I was hoping for more modders to kick in tries to fix the game and make it as historically accurate as possible..

Joint venture in the future possibly?

I've already done stuff for Siam/Thailand, Ecuador-Peru war and so on.
l.avila365 Oct 15 @ 12:44pm 
hey for hpm when germany delcare war on for barab make there army not me at the broder so it kinda a shock thing and to make it harder to meta game