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SW: Fallen Republic- Galaxy BG
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SW: Fallen Republic- Galaxy BG

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This Mod adds a Galaxy Background for Fallen Republic. Make sure to load the mod after Fallen Republic.

  • adding the Star Wars Region borders as Galaxy Background

Keep Involved:
Consider joining our Discord to receive progress reports on the mod, coordinate and join multiplayer games, interact with the dev team and the community, suggest new features and events, and be the first to learn of secrets and future content.

Join the Team:
We are always looking for new individuals to contribute their talents to the mod. Some associated skills needed to join the team, depending on the area you wish to contribute, might be a basic knowledge of coding, sound design, 3-D model making, 2-D illustration (concept art, pixel art, etc), or bilingualism. If you have any of these skills or skills related to the aforementioned, check the addendum for a link to the application.

Paradoxical Development Group SWFR Recruitment Application[]


Star Wars and all of related logos, icons, marks, and characters are solely owned by The Walt Disney Company. This total conversion mod is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, Electronic Arts, or any other publisher or producer of Star Wars related media. No independent rights will be asserted against The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, or Electronic Arts and no commercial exhibition or distribution will be permitted. This is entirely a community-driven, non-profit project.
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Kosmo🎃 Nov 27 @ 3:38pm 
@Cyphon22 You need to research the relevant Death Star technologies, then you can build it in the megastructure section with your construction ship. You can build it over any barren planet without a mining or science station. It takes manny years to build it, so start construction as soon as you can.
Cyphon22 Oct 21 @ 2:15am 
how do i build the death star?
BlimBurn Oct 3 @ 7:36am 
This doesn't work for me, says it's missing a descriptor file and can't be added.
BertHunter Sep 28 @ 12:19pm 
Love this mod's idea!
Would also like to see a more transparent version as an alternative.
Ruin Sep 17 @ 6:52pm 
Any chance of releasing a less solid version of this?

Though it's a really nice touch to the map, I feel it's far too "in your face", and having an alternative, which is somewhat translucent, would be a nice option...
Masterdude94 Sep 16 @ 10:02am 
Are there any plans to make an English version of this mod? I used to be able to read Aurebesh fluently, back in the Kotor 2 days, but that was a long time ago.
Dovah Sep 9 @ 8:50am 
@Mac Tonight As I understand it the pirate fleets are there to block early expansion to certain systems and worlds. It also prevents some of the stronger starting powers from immediately blobbing out and swallowing all of the systems around them.
Wolfbat_Borgia Sep 8 @ 2:58pm 
Could you make the "rim zones lines" more slim, and also a bit more "see through" or something?
They look too fat in my opinion..
Besides that thanks for the great mods!
fatbuds001 Sep 8 @ 12:52pm 
hi love the mod is there a full features list, just curios if i should let fallen empires awaken or just kill them