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Hearts of Iron IV

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Square Counters

Square Counters(Ironman Compatible)
*Need more feedbacks on Navy
I know literally nothing about hoi4 navy besides submarines&naval bombers spam
Tested with:
TNO Kaiserreich CWIC OWB EAW
Chinese(simplified&traditional) and Korean Localisation and their custom fonts.
I didn't find one for Japanese.
So if it does exists or you need other fonts support please leave a comment.
Compatibility Issues:
If it's not working with your mod,go to
(X is where you installed hoi4),
open descriptor.mod with notepad.
change "zzz" to "your mod's name" and save it.
(I haven't figured out a better solution yet,paradox's new launcher is toxic,the load order is broken somehow. )
Fonts supports:
(Only VPs & Capitals for now)
--[Sraetigic View Adjustment]
--[52 Chinese Localisation]
--[Chinese Traditional]
--[Korean Localization]

Contact if ur font is not working properly and attach a link to ur mod.
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CMCMC  [author] 15 hours ago 
@ [KRC] Wubs NVM
You can post it here if you figure out the exact one causing the issue.I'd like to take a look and learn more about this bug XD
[KRC] Wubs 17 hours ago 
No you are completly right.
It's not your mod. Apologize. I give you thumbs up for your great mod and support.
CMCMC  [author] Aug 14 @ 3:40am 
@[KRC] Wubs So if you can make sure these three are the only mods you have actived,I'll do more digging and test different load order.
CMCMC  [author] Aug 14 @ 3:38am 
@[KRC] Wubs Yeah I got it.I have been zooming in and out for 10 minutes while the game was running and done some tags switching try to simulate your scenario.But I really didn't see the glitch though.
[KRC] Wubs Aug 14 @ 3:31am 
You know the bug is just accuring, if you are zooming in? After that they are back to normal.
Also i've seen, some calvary units are normal, some are buggy. You can see that in my screenshot from the beginning.
CMCMC  [author] Aug 14 @ 2:49am 
@[KRC] Wubs
Here's my result combining three mods.
I'm getting confused,do you have any other mods actived?
The 3D unit model in your screenshot doesn't match with vanilla ones.

[KRC] Wubs Aug 14 @ 1:54am 
Let's be straight:
I added 3 mods yesterday, including yours. Since then, the problem is occuring.
So I will simply send you the other 2.

HOI3 style map *BIGGER UPDATE*

Strategic View Adj (Advanced)

I think it's your mod, because I already had a square mod in the past (maybe it was even yours) which has been causing the same glitch I remember.
CMCMC  [author] Aug 13 @ 9:58pm 
@[KRC] Wubs And if possible plz attach a list of mods that you are using.I tested my mods with some others and didn't see this glitch.Personally I think this is caused by some outdated graphical files.
CMCMC  [author] Aug 13 @ 9:35pm 
@[KRC] Wubs
I think that's a vanilla issue?
I have heard about this bug for like six months,saw it in kaiserreich and some other mods.
Have you tried running the game without my mod?It doesn't affect checksum thus won't mess up ur saves.
Meanwhile I will do more research on this calvary glitch.