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Species Made by Twink
This collection consists of my newest species mods and will be filled with them!
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( Twinks Atlanteans )
Created by Twink315
Updated for 3.3

As a new district was added it's advised to play this mod with Ui overhaul or something comparable!

“Our empire.. in ruins.. our city.. sunken beneat...
( Twinks Kaldorei )
Created by Twink315
Updated for 3.3.
Newest update with more Kaldorei clothing and reworks for the "Arcane precursor" see further information down below.

It is advised to have an UI mod for districts and universal resource mod[/...
( Twinks Sin'dorei )
Created by Twink315
Updated for 3.3

As you can see from the pictures, the elves have been reworked and got their own unique set of clothing and style.
Additonally the Quel'dorei have been added and some new civics and governments have been implemented ...
( Twinks Paradise Initiative )
Created by Twink315
Updated for Herbert 3.3
“Because humanity failed to see a prospering path to future, we chose to go the path ourselves. If we cannot stand true to the ideals of humanism and civility, then we are nothing more but a failure and a parasite whi...
( Twinks Dessanu )
Created by Twink315
Updated for 3.0
Releasing stuff I had on my computer for eternities… this time nanite related!
Enjoy the following features!
  • A unique Cityscape and Shipset, that has something for all megastructures!
  • Some take on a humanoid dessanu form if
( Twinks I.A.A.T )
Created by Twink315
Updated for 3.3
“I.A.A.T or.. Interstellar Association of Advanced Technologies. Time for a new age"

Now after I did the Paradise Initiative.. why not doing something fitting the theme. Inspired by Anno 2070

Enjoy the following feat...